A Marketing Strategy For Every Occasion

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A Marketing Strategy For Every Occasion

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it got us thinking about how to make the most of the different holidays throughout the calendar year. Whether it’s romantic getaways in February or spa trips for Mother’s Day in March, there is a huge opportunity when it comes to capturing the spending desire of consumers for these special days.

With this in mind we have put together five of our top tips to nailing your marketing strategy around the holidays. If you’re quick you might even be able to implement them in time for the last minute Valentine’s buyers!

1. Create a specific holiday campaign (and an opportunity for an upsell!)

Let’s use Mother’s Day as an example here. Children all over the country like to treat their mums on Mother’s Day, whether it’s a trip to her favourite hotel or a spa day with the family, you can create an offer that is tailored just for Mother’s Day. And don’t forget to throw in some upsell opportunities like flowers or chocolates in the room, prosecco on arrival, or a discounted treatment at the spa.

2. Create a dedicated landing page

Create a specific landing page for the day in question which you can embed your special rates on. You can add this to your offers page for example and easily remove it when it is no longer valid. This also gives the feeling of the offer being exclusive and time sensitive which will encourage a purchase.

And don’t forget to optimise the landing page for SEO. This will help ensure that your page appears on Google when people are searching for offers related to that occasion. Valentine’s Day in London, for example. For those on Avvio’s booking engine, you can also add a custom card to your Allora recommender engine which links to the landing page.

3. Keep your customers in the loop

Send an ezine to your database informing them of the offer ahead of time and include a link to your tailored landing page – always ensure there is tracking set up for your links. This will make your customers feel in the loop when it comes to available offers and encourage bookings in advance of the holidays in question. You can also include the upsell details on the ezine to get them thinking about the extras before booking.

4. Optimise your use of Google Ads

Optimising your existing use of Google Ads is a great way to encourage bookings around the holiday season. You can create sitelinks and promotion extensions specifically tailored to your seasonal offers. Make sure all these links head back to your landing page so you can track who is visiting, when and how often to target them at a later date with other relevant offers too. For brand awareness we suggest creating some Display images and also update your video content with a Bumper ad or In-Stream to promote the offer.

5. Gift cards are gold!

Gifting is a great way to increase revenue around the holiday seasons. Sometimes booking for a specific time or date isn’t always possible, or some people may not want to book overnight stays on behalf of others. So instead you can offer experiences, or offers that can be redeemed within a certain timeframe. For example, celebration afternoon teas or spa days work perfectly here and can be easily executed.

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