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What is GX? And how can it help your hotel?

As a hotelier, you need to carefully consider the ways in which your potential audience consumes your brand and the ways they are engaging with your hotel, both online and offline. Facilitating positive interactions and engagements with your guests is no longer a nicety, it's a necessity.

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Hotels need to innovate in order to survive and thrive

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Sean Finnan joined Avvio’s board to help drive Avvio's global expansion. He believes that cutting edge technology could assist hotel businesses in rebalancing the relationship with the online travel agents (OTAs) which have dominated online bookings in recent years.

A 15 year partnership with Ashford Castle

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Ashford Castle is the epitome of Irish Hospitality. Former home of the Guinness family, the 350-acres estate is, unsurprisingly, one of Ireland’s top hotel destinations. Avvio has been fortunate enough to work with Ashford Castle since 2004: a successful partnership which has spanned 15 years. 

7 Recent Updates to Hotel Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is constantly evolving within the hospitality industry which is why we've put together a monthly round-up of relevant digital news. If you’d like help with your hotel’s digital marketing strategy please don't hesitate to contact a member of the team.

De-mystifying PSD2

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As if the travel industry was not complicated enough with its overuse of acronyms and dizzying terms we now have to contend with something known as PSD2. You may have heard phrases like PSD2, 3D Secure, Strong Customer Authentication, and Two-factor authentication over the last few weeks. So what on earth does that mean and how will it impact you?

The death of the booking confirmation

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At Avvio we believe that a hotel website’s job doesn’t stop at the point of booking confirmation. Data gathered from our AI-powered booking engine Allora shows that pre-stay returning visitors will typically amend their booking prior to arrival.

5 key changes to travel searches in 2019

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2018 saw an incredible 3,234 changes to the Google search engine results page and ranking algorithm. 2019 has continued this rapid pace of development. By now, everyone knows Google prefers mobile-first websites, but here are five changes to travel searches you may not have heard of.

How hotels can redress the balance with the OTAs

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Sean Finnan - chairman of Avvio - looks at the ways hotels can redress the balance with the OTAs. In this article, he discusses how hotels can benefit from machine learning and AI and how book direct incentives should be tailored to the individual booker.

The Connected Guest Webinar

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Last month Avvio hosted 'The Connected Guest' webinar alongside Classic British Hotels and SiteMinder. The webinar provided attendees with invaluable knowledge and actionable tips on how to improve the guest experience whilst increasing their hotel website’s direct booking traffic. Take a look at our key take-aways from the informative session!

What I’ve learnt in my first 12 months at Avvio

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12 months in as Chief Commercial Officer, Michael De Jongh reflects on his achievements and experiences with Avvio. He references the ‘new breed of travel specialists’, discusses changes in technology and presses the importance of keeping up with an ever-evolving market.