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TikTok advertising is not the new trend of travel

On June 25th, TikTok followed in Instagram & Snapchat’s footsteps, by monetizing their platform with an advertising centre. While advertising had already crept onto the platform in the form of sponsored content; TikTok for Business, is now available with multiple ad formats. Before jumping on this latest social media trend; ask yourself, is TikTok the right platform to amplify your brand message? For most hotel brands, the answer will be a firm no. 

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5 evergreen digital areas to focus on during the downturn

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With endless blogs and content from all sectors of the travel and tourism industry, it can be hard to try and figure out what exactly it is you need to be doing right now. Unfortunately, no one has a timeline for this and when it will end. So the best option is to focus on evergreen digital activity that will benefit your business now and in the future.

Avvio launches free Hotel Digital Academy to upskill hoteliers amid Covid-19

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In an effort to give back to the industry and to help Hospitality Individuals to upskill, Avvio has launched a Hotel Digital Academy. The Academy is a free online digital marketing course tailored specifically to the Hospitality Industry.

Career Progression at Avvio: Meet Faye and Jess

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Meet Faye and Jess! Both girls joined the Avvio team in 2018 and have progressed in their career by carving our new roles within different areas of the company. At Avvio, growth and innovation stand at the top of our priorities and this includes growing the knowledge of our employees.

How will Avvio support hotels to drive value amid the COVID-19 outbreak

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The world over is seeing a significant if not catastrophic downturn in business. As more countries go into lockdown, the whole hospitality sector is in limbo and we need to think about how we can help support your business.

How can your hotel make money in the current economic downturn?

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Understandably guest’s travel plans will continue to be hugely disrupted over the coming weeks and months. We are working hard to support not only our existing hotel customers through an exceptionally trying time, but also the wider hospitality industry. The most critical and timely issue we are attempting to tackle is ‘how can hotels ‘keep the lights on’ and continue bringing revenue into their business?’

Budget update: Chancellor offers lifeline for leisure and hospitality businesses

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The UK Chancellor’s first budget today predictably focused on measures to reassure and provide financial recompense and we welcome the announcement on business rates targeted to support the hospitality sector.

Avvio Named As One of the Best Workplaces in Ireland

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We’re delighted to announce that we have been recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland in 2020! The Great Place to Work accolade represents a huge milestone in our journey in continuing to attract and retain top talent, as we continue to grow.

An Eggcellent strategy to increase family bookings this Easter

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With schools closed for two weeks and the longer evenings setting in, Easter has become one of the most lucrative public holidays for family breaks. In order to capitalise on this potential revenue stream it is important to plan your Easter strategy in advance to ensure everyone’s eggs are in your basket!

Keeping up with Generation Z

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As the new decade progresses, Gen Z will dominate the travel industry. According to Business Insider Intelligence, they will soon become the largest cohort of consumers. So what can we expect from Generation Z when it comes to trip planning and what will be at the forefront for them when it comes to decision making? 

9 SEO Tips For Seasonal Pages

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When your future guests are planning their breaks away around holiday seasons, make sure the information they need has the best chance to appear when they are searching for it. To make sure your landing pages are getting the visibility they deserve, read our top 9 SEO golden rules when it comes to seasonal pages. 

Will UK hotels face a tough commercial climate in 2020?

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The hotel and hospitality sector is one of the first industries to feel the pinch when a recession hits or when significant economic events occur such as the banking crisis of 2008. During tough economic periods businesses and consumers will cut leisure and travel spending first.