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Feature of the Month

Each month we will put the spotlight on one of our key features.

January  2020

Customised Email Templates

 Every customer now has the functionality to easily design their own content for Pre Stay, Post Stay and Wait List Emails. When it comes to customer experience few things are as powerful as the right content at the right time.

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December  2019

Monetising early check-in & Late check out 

Cross selling and Up Selling within the booking path is a great way to drive ancillary spend and boost overall revenue. As part of our November Release we introduced the option to apply Early Check In and/or Late Check Out to all rooms at your property.

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October  2019

Helping to combat abandonment 

Avvio’s Anti-Abandonment Tool has been re-written to provide multiple and custom messages per hotel.

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cancellation policies

September 2019

Create your cancellation policies

Cancellation policies also allow you to set multiple cutoff times or implement penalties for late cancellations.

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July 2019

Create a Personalised Insights Report

Our Insights service has the functionality for property’s to develop their own customised template for information and reporting. These reports can be set up within your Avvio account and exported when and where you need them.

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May 2019

Length of Stay Discounting

Length of Stay (LOS) Discounting enables you to offer guests a discount on their overall price based on the length of their stay. Saving you the task of creating multiple rates in order to apply a discount.

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April 2019

Closed User Groups

Closed User Groups allow potential guests to input their email address at the point of search, with the intention of unlocking discounts on available rates or allowing them access to other hidden rates.

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March 2019

Blended Rates

Rate blending is a technique mainly championed by Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) to provide their customer with the best rate by mixing different rate plans to meet the search parameters.

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