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Avvio Software Update – November 2019


The team here at Avvio have been busy behind the scenes ensuring your booking platform reliability and performance while maintaining an amazing guest experience.

We’re pleased to provide you with the latest features and enhancements in our November 2019 software update. This page lists the new changes, which take effect from 19 November 2019.

This release highlights some of the ongoing improvements we’ve made to the vouchers module. In an attempt to further increase average booking value for your hotel you now have the ability to add upsells and incentives to vouchers. We’ve also added the ability to optionally offer early check-in (ECI) or late checkout (LCO) to a guest as an upsell to a reservation.

These improvements – and the other exciting new features we have detailed to – will continue to drive online revenue to your website, – whilst ensuring each visitor receives a personalised user experience.

Voucher Upsells

To help drive average booking value, you now have the ability to add bespoke upsells to your vouchers. This means that you are able to complement a voucher sale with a pre-configured upsell(s), not unlike dynamic room packaging. The personalised screen for each voucher now includes applicable upsells, with optional quantity selectors.

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out

Currently, the only way for you to optionally offer early check-in (ECI) or late checkout (LCO) to a guest has to be added to the reservation as an upsell. This is not ideal as you cannot control the inventory or pricing for these options on a date or room basis.

A new solution has been created which enables you to configure ECI and LCO, with options to configure the price and allocation per room type and also an option to set exceptions on certain dates to give further control over how these add-ons are available and charged for.

Premium Mobile Image Displays

The booking engine now shows images in a more prominent way and adds additional imagery where possible in addition to improving the image quality on high resolution displays.

This is available for the Rate by Room view as well as the Room by Rate view.

Other Enhancements

Insights Forecasting

A new feature has been added to Avvio Insights which provides hotels with a forecast for the next 12 months using an in-house algorithm. These forecasts are available for three different metrics: Revenue, Bookings and Room Nights. These forecasts can be generated using data either based on date of stay or date of booking, along with the option to consider all channels or solely the website channel.

Email Templates

Every customer now has the functionality to design email content for: Pre Stay emails, Post Stay emails and Room Requests (Waitlist) emails.

To create an email template go to Booking Engine -> Site Setup -> Email Templates. We will have a How To Guide in our full software release.

Improved Inventory Snapshot

The Inventory Snapshot on the admin-side has been completely renovated to provide more meaningful information regarding your hotel’s inventory status over the coming 12 months. The snapshot now displays a series of calendar charts and column charts, similar to those seen in the Booking Pace section of the Insights dashboard.

The inventory snapshot now shows the total number of room nights booked based on day of stay for the next 12 months, along with demand (the total amount of potential customers who searched for specific dates). Closed days are signified by a red outline around the date, either for house closed days or days where the room has a closed restriction (rate x room restrictions are not shown).

Voucher Incentive Messages

It is now possible to display sales incentives on vouchers – similar to incentives on rates and rooms on the booking engine. Up to 3 incentive messages can be included per voucher.

Incentive messages can be added through the General tab on the voucher editor.

Voucher Discounts

To encourage higher uptake on voucher sales, it is now possible to discount the cost of a voucher while allowing the customer to receive the full value of the voucher purchased. This works for both fixed and variable value vouchers.

Voucher discounts work differently from strike-through pricing (although they are somewhat related from a sales incentive perspective).

Additional Features

Reservation Email Message for Offline Payments

When hotels are set up to take an offline deposit, there was no indication of how much the deposit should be in the hotel’s confirmation email. The offline deposit amount is now shown in these reservation emails, along with the balance to be paid.

Login Screen UI Change

Your Avvio Account Login screen has been updated to match Avvio’s refreshed branding, while also improving the layout of the screen’s buttons and features. This new layout is also used on the password reset screen.

Smart Ordering in Portal

The algorithm for displaying rates in the Portal has been changed to follow Smart Ordering rules. Previously all rates were sorted based on the lowest available price; rates are now displayed according to the Smart Ordering rules defined for the hotel in the ‘Search’ tab of the ‘Edit Site Profile’ screen. The ‘Prices From’ section will still display the cheapest available price for the hotel during the given dates, regardless of rate ordering.

Scheduled Reporting

Insights now allows report templates to be automatically scheduled to run periodically and emailed to nominated recipients. Reports can be scheduled to run on any/all days of the week and on the first day of each month.

Please note, this feature is only available to Avvio staff. Please speak to your account manager if you are interested in learning more.

Room Vimeos Videos

Every room can have multiple YouTube and Vimeo videos.

CRM Account Security Improvements

We have added an extra layer of protection to the system to ensure that CRM accounts remain secure. As a result, the account confirmation email that users receive no longer contains the password they provided during account registration.

Click HERE to download a full copy of the release notes.


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