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Avvio Software Update – August 2019


The team here at Avvio have been busy behind the scenes ensuring your booking platform reliability and performance while maintaining an amazing guest experience.

We’re pleased to provide you with the latest features and enhancements in our August 2019 software update. This page lists the new changes, which take effect from 27 August 2019.

In this release we’ve completely revamped our portal for hotel groups, by updating the look and feel we’ve facilitated a smoother transition between the portal and individual property booking engine. We have also implemented changes to our back-end user interface which will help build familiarity and improve overall usability. We’ve added some exciting new features such as room and rate incentives which will help further personalise your hotel’s unique offerings. In addition, we have also made significant improvements to our cancellation policies, allowing you to set multiple cut-off times or implement penalties for late cancellations.

These improvements – and other new features – will continue to drive online revenue to your website, whilst ensuring each visitor receives a personalised user experience.

Portal / Group Search

Our redesigned group portal for multi-property search will provide your customers with a streamlined way to find availability. The look & feel of the group search – including maps, marker pins and results – are fully customisable, giving you total control over your brand and guest

What’s new?

  • Improved search bar, consistent with the improvements already visible in the single-property booking engine
  • Integration of sales incentives such as best rate guarantee, ReviewPro and TrustYou
  • Multi-room and occupancy-based searches
  • Extensive customisation possible across all elements
  • Promo codes, ordering and sorting results, filtering and more
  • Full-screen room and property image and video previews
  • Fully responsive and optimised for mobile devices

Event Rates

Event Rates allows you to create special, short-lived rates to accommodate events such as conferences, weddings or other negotiated business. These rates are typically accessible to a limited audience and accessible through a promo code or deep-link.

This new feature enables you to quickly set up rates that apply for certain date ranges and have room inventory reserved away from your general availability. Optionally you can allow booking across shoulder dates with pricing from a fall-back rate to encourage guests to stay additional nights.

Custom Rate and Room Incentives

Avvio now support the ability to include custom sales messages / incentives per rate and room which can be used to positively reinforce the benefits of staying at your property.

This stronger sales messaging helps you highlight the unique aspects of your property.


Other Features

In addition to the main features mentioned above, we are pleased to announce a large number of features which have been designed to improve conversion and ease the use of the Avvio platform.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

We’ve given our admin area a slight visual overhaul to make things more consistent and easy to use. More consistent use of icons, action buttons and labels on room and rate codes are designed to find information more quickly.


Rate List

As an extension of the UI enhancements and to better support the addition of event rates, we have redesigned the rate list screen to make information easier to find. Most frequently used rates will automatically appear with extensive options to search by rate, room, channel and more.

Custom Room Facilities

In addition to the default list provided by Avvio, you can now customise the list of room facilities that are displayed for your property. You can add as many of your own as you wish.

Smart Result Ordering

Many improvements have been made in the area of smart rate matching to make the behaviour more consistent and to place more focus on room availability above all else. This approach has also been extended to order rooms and even rooms within a specific rate to ensure the guest always sees the most relevant results first.

Cancellation Policies

Avvio now provide more flexibility over cancellation policies, with support for different deadlines and optional penalties. It is now also possible to specify which policies should be automatically applied without any intervention from the hotel user. Quickly see what rates are using which cancellation policy and change policies on existing rates.


Insights Dashboard – Booking Pace

A number of additions have been made to the booking pace section of the Insights dashboard to increase the amount of relevant data shown and reduce the need for manual calculations.


Voucher Charts in Insights Dashboard

Two new charts and accompanying badges have been added to the Insights dashboard to assist with analysing voucher sales performance. These charts will be shown at the bottom of the dashboard if ‘Vouchers’ is enabled and at least one voucher has been sold in the last 36 months.


Flash Sale Multiple Discounts

It is now possible to configure a flash sale to allow for up to 5 discount policies that can be applied on different dates. Each discount policy can have the dates on which the policy applies independently.


New Date Range Selectors

With our new date range selectors, you can quickly run reports based on frequently used date ranges. The same visual date pickers are applied throughout the admin area.

Under The Hood – Performance Enhancements

We are always working hard to ensure the Avvio platform is optimised to serve the needs of your guests. With that in mind, we have made a number of changes in the type of content we use for fonts and icons among other things. Mobile device users in particular will benefit from these changes as we reduce the total traffic required on each page load by at least 3Mb.

Click here to download a full copy of the release notes.


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