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Our Webinars

We will host webinars throughout the year, both on our own and in conjunction with our trusted technology partners. Allowing you to join informal learning sessions, giving you the opportunity to ask questions directly.

Is Personalization the Key to Success

Avvio CEO and Co-Founder Frank Reeves talks personlization with Nigel Allport, CCO For-Sight . Webinar with Right Revenue

Creating a Perfect Guest Experience:

How to create the perfect guest experience through the use of technology. Webinar with our partners at Revinate and Choice Hotels

The Connected Guest: Creating a Seamless Guest Journey

The Connected Guest will provide you with invaluable knowledge and actionable tips on how to improve the guest experience and increase your hotel website’s direct booking traffic. Webinar with our partners Classic British Hotels and Site Minder.

Personalising the Guest’s Experience and Revenue Stream Online

We now live in an Experience driven economy and the connected traveller’s expectations are that of a more tailored, personalised experience. Hotels who pay attention will reap the benefits of greater opportunities for revenue. In this webinar, learn how to personalise the guests’ booking and stay journey to drive more satisfaction and increase your bottom line. Webinar with our partners Stay’N’Touch and Revinate.

Accommodate the Future: How AI can Maximise Your Direct Bookings

Frank Reeves, Co-founder and CEO, Avvio