Allora recognised as one of the best hotel booking engines

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Allora recognised as one of the best hotel booking engines

For the modern-day hotelier, we know how difficult it can be getting your property in front of potential guests. The industry is already saturated with competing hotels and omnipresent OTAs. Being able to effectively engage and retain site visitors can be an arduous task.

Today’s technology has to not only effectively promote your hotel brand and bring in more direct bookings, but also assist your team and be smart enough to accommodate to your evolving guest’s needs.

We’re delighted that our award-winning AI booking platform Allora, has just been recognised by Boutique Hotelier as one of the top 5 booking engine solutions. We’re proud to get this subsequent recognition by such a well-respected publication, which is distributed to around 4000 independent hoteliers across the UK.

Allora doesn’t just provide excellent conversion for guests on your site, it gives each visitor a unique booking experience using artificial intelligence. Similar to what you’d receive when shopping on Amazon, or when Spotify recommends music for you based on previous browsing behaviour.

Excellent service starts with recognising the guest and their individuality. This needs to happen the second a visitor lands on your website. Avvio can help provide this great experience for your guests. Speak to our experts today, and find out why Allora is the most advanced booking engine on the market.

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