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Booking Engine Analytics with Avvio Insights

With Insight Reports, the control over how your website and booking engine analytics data is analysed and delivered via reports is given to you.

Within Avvio Insight Report sections (for example, room reservation analysis), we wanted  hoteliers to be able to choose what dimensions of their website and booking engine performance data they want analysed and how. How to 'slice and dice' your analytics data for reporting purposes is fully in your control. For example, you might choose to show a report on all countries your bookers are coming from, but choose to further break down that data and cross-reference against lead-in times of bookings to understand marketplace dynamics and marketing performance. Or you can choose to merge data sets from a multiple of sources (whether Avvio Convert6, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and so on) and have them presented in one unified, truly insightful report.

With Avvio Insight, there are 23 different dimensions of report data available. Each of these data dimension sets can be cross-referenced against each other and compared against data from previous time periods. As a result, this can give up to thousands of different perspective options on the same data sets, so we let you decide what insights are most important for you in running your hotel and then present it in a way that’s easy to digest and understand. For all reports in Insight, a myriad of visualisation options are provided (whether line charts, bar charts, pie charts – whatever your preference) and our support team are always available to help you slice and dice however you wish.

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