Are staycations the new vacations?

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Are staycations the new vacations?

2020 certainly threw a curveball for the industry as a whole, but there was one type of hospitality that no doubt saw an unexpected boom this year. Staycations were seen by many as the safer option to wider travel and the country flocked in its thousands to UK beaches, parks, landmarks, and open spaces, meaning a boost in the normal summer holiday activity for many hospitality venues. 

>> Will this continue into 2021? It’s very likely. 

As the UK phases in the vaccine and everyone waits with bated breath for life to return to some sort of normality, I think it is very likely that many holidaymakers will opt for a staycation option for at least one of the holidays they may usually have spent abroad. 

So, let’s keep up this momentum. 

At Avvio we want to help you offer the best possible experience for your customers, so they return. And with the UK still in the midst of a pandemic, the better experience you can offer and the safer you can make your guests feel, the more likely they are to return. 

>> Ask yourself, are you doing the following?

Making it personal: are you offering an experience that can be tailored?

Exciting your guests: are you using engaging design and imagery to stand out from the crowd?

Doing your research: are you aware of the latest trends that your guests are looking for?

Asking for help: are you leaning on the resources available to you and your business?

You can do all of these to offer a truly unique stay for your guest. Whilst going through the booking process you can offer them breakfast in bed or their favorite cocktail from their last visit delivered to their door on arrival, this type of personalised service puts you ahead of the booking engines and ensures the guest will book directly with you again. 

Let’s face it – this year has been a journey that the travel industry won’t forget in a hurry. Throughout 2020 we’ve seen a drastic upheaval in consumer behaviour and have had to adapt in all sorts of ways to keep up and stay in the game.

It’s time to think ahead to 2021 and what your business can be doing to ensure you continue to be the staycation of choice when it comes to booking that all-important holiday.

Your hotel’s success is built on really knowing your guest – what they want and how they want it, often before they do. Let us know your guest too.

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