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How do I download and install the Authy Desktop Application?

If you have decided you will be using a PC to decrypt credit card information for Reservations and have the chosen the Authy desktop application, then you will need to do the following. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use the Authenticator on your own Windows/Mac login. You are responsible for any credit card access that is carried out on your login.

If multiple people use the same machine to access card data from Avvio, it’s extremely important that they have all their own unique login to that machine. Otherwise staff will be opening the same instance of the Authy App. Each user account on Avvio will be associated to a particular instance of that Authy App and only that user will be able to decrypt card data from it. So if multiple people access the machine, they must have their own login to that machine and install the application to only their profile. Failure to do so is in breach of PCI Data Security Standards. You may need to consult with your I.T. team in setting this option up.

Step 1- Download Authy Application for your PC

1. Go the following URL.

2. Scroll down to the Desktop option. Then please select the type of Operating system you plan to download it for (Please consult with your IT team if unsure) and hit the Download button.

3. A file called “authy-installer.exe” will download to your PC. Run/Open this file from your Downloads folder.

(If you have a firewall that is preventing the download of this file to your machine or preventing it from running, please contact your IT team)

4. When the Authy Application launches, please enter your personal phone number to tie the Authenticator account to you specifically. You will then be asked to verify your identity by either call or SMS. If you choose SMS, you will receive a 6 digit pin that you need to enter in the Registration Box.

5. Once authenticated, you will brought to the authenticator accounts setup screen. Click the “+” icon to create a new authenticator account.

Step 2- Configure Authenticator App with Avvio

From November 28th, when an authorised PCI user logs in for the first time, they will be presented with the authentication setup screen. You must be able to see that screen to proceed with this step.

1. Login into your Avvio account. The Authorisation screen should be open by default, if not click the Home tab.

Jump to Step 2 and copy the 32 digit Secret to the right of the QR code.

2. Paste the 32 digit secret into the text box which says “Enter Code given by the website” on the Authy New Authenticator Account screen. Then hit the “Add Account” button.

3. Next you will be asked to select a logo. You can select any, but “Generic Black” will be fine as a default. You will also be asked to give the account a name. Call it “Avvio” or something similar to identify what the authentication codes will be for. Then click the “Save” button.

4. The account should automatically be created Click the Authenticator Account Name (i.e. “Avvio” in this case) to be presented with your 6 digit authentication number.

Step 3- Verify Authenticator App Setup

Go back to your Avvio system login.  Jump to Step 3 of the Authenticator Setup screen.

Please enter the 6 digit code from your Authy App and click “Verify Code”

That’s it. You now have access to retrieve credit card information from Reservations.

How do I retrieve card details on reservations via the Authy Application?

1. On your PC, open the Reservation Details page on the Avvio system for the transaction you wish to decrypt credit card details for.

2. Open the Authy App from where you downloaded the Application.

Click the Authenticator Account Name (i.e. “Avvio” in this case) to be presented with your 6 digit authentication number.

3. Enter the current 6 digit code showing on the Authy App. into the authenticator box in the Card Details section of the reservation and click the “Verify code and decrypt card” button.

4. Enter the security code that appears (highlighted in yellow) on the PC in the box provided and click “Send”.

5. You should now see the credit card info for the relevant reservation.