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Avvio Digital News – Outstream Ads and Bing Price Extensions

Bing Launches Price extensions

Just this week, Bing announced that price extensions are being rolled out from its current beta status. Bing has started showcasing the feature in the US and will then follow with additional countries.

Price extensions were a welcome feature with Google AdWords and allowed us to show ‘from prices’ for hotels below their ads. Price extensions can include up to 25 characters in each description and the main advantage being its ability – as with other extensions – to land users directly into the booking engine and more importantly, the rate that the user had clicked on. I and Avvio’s Digital Team thought the beta version is of great value for our clients with a significant lift in click through rate.

Bing Ads price extensions will be available on mobile and desktop by mid-May, and our digital team will be working hard on implementing these to clients. If your hotel or property hasn’t yet considered Bing Ads, just drop me and the team an email and I can tell you more.

Google launches Outstream Video Ads

Google has launched a new video format which seeks to bring video to mobile devices and apps outside of YouTube. The ads will operate across Google’s video partners, consisting of high quality websites and apps. This presents the perfect opportunity to reach new audiences with your video on partner sites without your own YouTube channel.

We’ve been testing some outstream ads of our own, and the great thing about them is that you’re charged by viewable cost-per-thousand impressions – and you only pay if your ad is viewable. Viewable constitutes 50% of the ad screen space being visible for two seconds or more of play so it’s definitely one to include as part of your online video strategy.

Video can make a huge difference to engagement with your customers on social networks and your website. If you’ve not yet considered including video, or need some help with the first steps just get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

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