Avvio launches ‘hotelgiftcardstore’ to support hotel gift voucher sales2021-04-07T09:53:37+01:00

In a bid to further support hotels affected by Covid-19 we have launched a new initiative: ‘hotelgiftcardstore’ to support hotel voucher sales

The hospitality industry is experiencing an unparalleled level of disruption at the hands of COVID-19. While circumstances are incredibly challenging, Avvio wants do everything we can to support the hospitality industry. With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce our latest initiative –https://www.hotelgiftcardstore.com.

Hotel Gift Card Store is an e-commerce platform that supports hotels by driving demand for their gift vouchers. This centralized online store enables consumers to support both local and international businesses by purchasing gift vouchers that can be used at a later date. This platform is available to any hotel and is not limited to Avvio customers.

We know that some consumers are reluctant to book hotel rooms right now – but we strongly believe that the best trading opportunity is for vouchers and that this revenue stream will continue to grow over the coming months. We have seen already seen a huge uptake in the Guest Retention Voucher and have already sold over a quarter of a million euros in voucher revenue in March!

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Signing up to avail of this functionality in no way requires you to commit to the use of the Avvio Booking Engine / Digital Services or Website Design.

If you are a hotel interested in availing of this new feature please click here or contact sales@avvio.com