Avvio prepares for new growth phase

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Avvio prepares for new growth phase

Honoring Avvio’s commitment to providing leading technology solutions and top class customer success, I’m pleased to announce we have appointed Michael De Jongh as Chief Commercial Officer as we prepare for a new phase of growth and expansion into new territories.

Michael will also have a seat on Avvio’s board. He joins from UK tech company Sage.

His appointment demonstrates our renewed focus on growth and our market-leading position in the hospitality market developing SaaS (software as a service) led solutions which produce significant uplift through direct booking sales for hotel businesses worldwide.

With an extensive background in transformational sales gained in a range of technology-led environments, Michael’s experience includes heading up global sales functions on fast growth scale-up initiatives for technology firms such as Syniverse, Sybase and Judo.

Michael tells us: “The sector is experiencing a watershed moment, which Avvio is leading the field in. Hotels must offer their guests a personal digital experience with technology underpinning every aspect of the industry. There is so much potential for growth for our customers.

“My role is to unlock the potential for how we add value to our current and future customers who are looking to us to support their business development with groundbreaking technology-based solutions.

“I hope to bring a new perspective to the sector, and will be working with our experienced team to push Avvio into the next growth phase. I’m passionate about embedding an entrepreneurial mindset at every level of the business to empower new thinking which in turn will create positive results for Avvio and our customers.”

Myself and the whole Avvio team are excited about Michael’s appointment and the experience that he’s bringing to us from other sectors. We have a huge opportunity to replicate a fast growth strategy which other industries have experienced. We’re on the cusp of a true evolution in the industry, and our shared vision is that Avvio is leading at the forefront and pushing the boundaries of where technology can take us all.

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