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How Hotels Can Drive Conversions Through Social Media
Posted by Kate O'Flynn on: 2017-08-09 10:46:00Avvio  |  Booking Engine  |  Digital Marketing

social media icons smartphone

Social media rarely has the same conversion rate as paid or organic search results. After all, people don’t scroll through their newsfeed with the intent of purchasing a hotel stay. They’re there to engage with their friends and family and view aspirational content. As such, it’s harder to get them to commit to a conversion. However, though brand awareness should remain your primary objective, driving revenue is a possibility if you optimise your campaigns correctly.

To help, Avvio has detailed seven essential best practices for social media.  

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The Place To Be partners with The Place To Book
Posted by Fionnuala Bland on: 2017-07-26 09:30:05Avvio  |  Booking Engine  |  Digital Marketing

The HarborClub view

The place to be. That’s the tagline of The HarborClub, the brand new property due to open on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia this autumn. Classing itself as a four-star property with five-star customer service, the hotel will offer 115 rooms and suites and cater to a wide range of guests with a wealth of facilities, services and food to satisfy every taste. Situated in Rodney Bay next to the Marina, the property’s guests will wake up to views of the enormous free-form swimming pool and yachts dancing on the Caribbean Sea beyond. It provides guests with everything they could possibly want, living up to its tagline.

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3 Tips to Power Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Posted by Cara Callaghan on: 2017-07-20 09:39:27Avvio  |  Digital Marketing  |  Web Design

Hotel bed image mobile optimisation Photo by Jaelynn Castillo on Unsplash

As digitalisation advances and accommodation providers increasingly strive to reduce their dependence on online travel agencies (OTAs), it has become even more essential for hoteliers to keep up with digital marketing trends. This can prove challenging as the expectations, needs and behaviours of travellers are constantly evolving, with Google constantly updating its rules and algorithms as well. It seems if you stay static for even one season your business will fall behind your competitors and lose appeal with potential guests.

To optimise your strategy for the remainder of the year, here are three digital marketing tips from Avvio’s in-house digital agency:

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The rise of personalisation and AI and what this means for the hotel industry
Posted by Fionnuala Bland on: 2017-07-13 16:39:00Avvio  |  Booking Engine  |  Digital Marketing


We just got some great coverage on eHotelier, who have published our latest article on the rise of personalisation and AI and what this means to the hotel industry.

Personalisation is everywhere. We experience it every day, even if we don’t notice it. From personalised ‘My Mix’ playlists on YouTube and Spotify to recommended upsells on Amazon and eBay. Our online experiences have become tailored to our individual interests and buying habits, so much so that we’ve come to expect it. And as hospitality is an industry that prides itself on excellent personal service, it should come as no surprise that digital personalisation is one advantage hoteliers and other accommodation providers cannot afford to avoid. Indeed many big players in the hospitality industry are upping their game in digital personalisation and are starting to apply machine learning to engage customers more effectively.

Take the Marriott International, for example, who have applied excellent personalisation strategies to delight their guests and keep them loyal. The Marriott does this mostly through their app, which they have updated with personalisation and geo-location technology to deliver a tailored experience for each guest from booking to post check-out. Guests can check-in and unlock their room with the app and the Marriott can use the guest data gathered through the app to offer relevant actions (such as booking a service, class or activity, dining at the hotel restaurant or leaving a review).

Digital personalisation is not just trending among large hotel groups and brands. Ninety per cent of hoteliers say their guests will expect stays to be personalised by 2020 (Grant Thornton). The truth is, more and more interactions, which were once made face to face or over the phone are now managed online and customers have come to expect the same level – if not a higher level – of personalisation online as they would when talking to a concierge at the front desk.

See the full article here

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Heating up hotel marketing - Avvio attends the Hotel Marketing Conference
Posted by Chris Rose on: 2017-07-06 12:48:00Avvio  |  Booking Engine  |  Digital Marketing  |  Web Design

National Hotel Marketing Conference 2017 Logo

With the digital revolution in full swing and the need for accommodation providers to drive direct bookings growing every day, the National Hotel Marketing Conference couldn’t have come at a better time. And you bet Avvio’s going to be there.

Hosted at the Hilton Hotel in St George’s Park, Burton Upon Trent, the conference promises to provide hotel marketers with an injection of adrenaline as they perfect their strategies for the year ahead. The one-day conference taking place on Thursday 13 July, is the only marketing event for UK hotels and will focus on connecting with guests, by understanding and appealing to their needs more effectively. Packed full of seminars, exhibitions and talks led by the likes of Marriott International, the Hotel Marketing Association and Unusual Hotels of the World, delegates have ample opportunity to network and learn new marketing tactics and strengthen their own business strategies.

I’ll be in the conference’s ‘Avenue of Excellence’, on stand six throughout the event, so make some time to come and talk about how Avvio can help drive your digital marketing strategies. Avvio has a host of digital marketing experts and services that empower hoteliers and other accommodation providers to grow their brand presence online, building more effective connections with guests and potential guests alike. Avvio takes an innovative approach to the digital mix, and as Premier Partners with Google, we're fully up-to-date with PPC and SEO campaigns, website design and optimisation, digital personalisation strategies - oh and we also provide Europe’s leading booking engine!

Get inspired: read how Avvio has helped the Temple Bar Hotel connect with their global audience.


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