5 Reasons Your Hotel Needs A Video Marketing Strategy

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Posted by Karen Rafferty on: 2015-10-29 11:55:00Avvio  |  Digital Marketing

There is little doubt that within the last decade, online video has revolutionised the way we consume and share media, from 7 second Vines to live streams and webinars there is a medium of video distribution to suit any taste.  It comes such as shock that so many hoteliers, despite working in an industry that relies so much on visual marketing, are apprehensive about developing and distributing their own video content. That is why we have laid out 5 reasons why your hotel should begin developing your own video marketing strategy immediately! 

1.       It is an Integral Part of Customer’s Decision Process

According to comScore when it comes to video in the retail space, 90% of shoppers at major retailers indicated that video played an important part in making purchasing decisions. With the ever increasing popularity of video sharing websites it’s no surprise that online video has increased eightfold in the past five years. In fact in the 10 years that YouTube has been around, it has grown to be both the world’s biggest social network and second biggest search engine.



Digital video is complementing traditional media such as television in a measurable way. No matter your niche digital video advertising allows advertisers to segment audiences using demographics and behaviour targeting.  Thanks to video analytics ROI is easier to measure than traditional advertising.  According to Google, the travel industry has seen a massive 118% increase in content on YouTube.

Video is primarily being used by brands for:

  • Building Awareness (52%)
  • Lead Generation (45%)
  • Online Engagement (42%)

2.       It’s Great for Building Awareness and Lead Generation

The quickest and most effective way of generating awareness of your hotel property is using “Pre-Roll Video Ads”, these are the ads that run before video content. With YouTube Preroll Video’s you are only charged for engagement. If someone skips the video after 5 seconds you are not charged. Even if a user skips the ad after 5 seconds there is still recognition – this is essentially free branding, if you include your logo at the start of the video.

3.       There Has Never Been More Options for Video Hosting

Competition is always good for the customer and since Facebook has set its sights on toppling YouTube as the king of video content we are now seeing greater innovations on both platforms that will benefit both content creators and consumers. Facebook offers its own video player and the site gives additional visibility to videos posted on this platform. Facebook charges if 5 seconds or more of the video are watched. This tactic appears to be working, in December 2014 there were more videos posted to Facebook than YouTube for the first time ever.

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4.       Your Successes are Measurable

It is important to remember that Video Advertising is about building Brand Awareness and Lead Generation but it will not lead to instant conversions. Video ROI should be based on Impressions, Clicks and Conversions. If the act of a user clicking on a video is the first step of them making a conversion then you can attribute your video to instigating that conversion, also known as 1st Click Attribution. Other, softer key performance indicators can include viewer engagement such as subscribing to your channel, liking the video or commenting.

5.       Creating Engaging Video Ads Is Easier Than You Think

Although the creating good quality video content can be intimidating, you can make serious headway in interesting and engaging viewers by following these best practices:

  • Use Analytics Data and Audiences to create a targeted target market for your Video
  • First 5 Seconds is crucial – Get to the point Quickly
  • Ensure your Brand is present within the first 5 seconds also
  • Short Ads work best – No longer than 30 secs
  •  Have a Clear Call to Action

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