Introducing Allora: the world's first AI-powered direct booking platform

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Posted by Frank Reeves on: 2017-06-14 17:32:55Avvio  |  Booking Engine  |  Digital Marketing  |  Web Design

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I’ve just made the exciting announcement that Avvio is launching Allora, the world’s first direct booking platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Launching in October of this year, Allora is more advanced, more adaptive and more intelligent than any other direct booking platform. By orchestrating better online interactions between hotels and customers, Allora will focus primarily on driving direct bookings and guest loyalty.  

Allora works by identifying patterns in a vast amount of data and using this insight to make predictions. It assesses all the past interactions of a hotel’s booking engine and learns with every interaction how to make each visitor type more likely to convert and with as high a booking value as possible.

In an era of exponential data, hotels sit on large tranches of data that you typically don’t have the manpower to crunch. We’ve designed Allora to democratise access to AI – you can rely on us to do this effectively for minimal investment.

At an individual property level, this type of analysis and testing can be both difficult and time-consuming. By relying on a larger amount of booking data from Avvio partners, Allora is able to turn around predictions a lot quicker. This means if you partner with Avvio, you get an on-going insight into the type of changes you might benefit from in your quest for perfect product-market fit.

This way, you can benefit from collective learning. With bigger data, you unearth better patterns more quickly, and rapid feedback leads to greater innovation. It enables you to build on insights from across our booking data and drive precision with your own data. This boosts direct bookings and delivers a personalised online service that reflects the exquisite experience you give to guests in-house.

Learning, supporting, complementing – Allora automates to put more of the hotelier back into the hotel. As the technology evolves we want more hoteliers to be asking the questions, “What else can I do, that I enjoy, to add even more value to my business?”

No one became a hotelier so that they could spend their working day creating spreadsheets and juggling impossible data sets. With Allora taking care of this, you can spend more time tending to in-house tasks. At Avvio, we are trying to solve real world problems for hoteliers, which is why we see this not as an AI project but as a ‘human project’. It’s not just the algorithms that are the secret sauce but what you can do with them. Allora is designed to complement, to augment; to help you as you work with it. It’s really about the human and the machine together accomplishing something neither can on its own.

Register your interest in Allora at or to learn more about how Avvio can help you drive direct bookings and improve your digital strategy, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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