Are you “content” with your content? Avvio’s Top 10 Content Marketing Tips Part 1.

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Posted by Michelle Noonan on: 2017-01-05 11:26:09Avvio  |  Digital Marketing

With the new year fast approaching many hoteliers are thinking about what content they’re going to release for 2017. One of the biggest challenges for hoteliers is figuring out which content their website visitors will find useful and want to read but also construct it in a way that is SEO compliant and easily shareable on social media. That’s why we’ve developed a two part series with 10 actionable steps on getting the most out of your content for 2017.

In today’s digital age, the importance of content has continued to dominate the digital world.  Google takes into consideration many factors when ranking a website and new, engaging and relevant content is certainly a priority. For this reason, the importance of having an effective content marketing strategy has never been greater for hotels. Precedence should be given to updating content on an on-going basis and keeping it fresh for Google.

In order to have an effective content strategy, it is important to set clear objectives that align with your overall business goals. Establish a clear message that you want to communicate while keeping the language consistent throughout.  Audience personas and content maps can be a great way to gain insights into your audience and help in delivering compelling content specific to the needs of your target users.  Tools such as Google Analytics can be invaluable in understanding the varying customers and demographics within your audience.

From a branding perspective, 'Mention' and 'Google Alerts' (to name a few) can provide invaluable information about visitors to your website.  Social media monitoring/listening is another great way to observe what is being said about your brand as well as identifying what is working for your competitors. Use this information as an opportunity to build your content around the needs of the visitor.  Emphasise to the user how you differentiate from your competitors in fulfilling their needs through gaps that have been identified.  Through search analysis, you can determine what your audience is looking for and adjust your content accordingly.

Let’s look at some of Avvio’s 'Top Ten Considerations for Updating your Hotel’s Website Content'.

1. Firstly, and most importantly, understand who your user/target market is.

Think as if you were a new visitor to your website and what are they looking to do.  SEO has changed and Google now looks at information and answering the user's query. Prior to starting, you need to understand that there are different types of users or audience personas. Returning visitors for example will have visited your site before and may require different amounts of information than a new visitor. Someone who is visiting for the first time can tend to move around the website more, looking for detail and information about your property.  Provide this visitor with an FAQ’s page to answer these commonly asked questions. Liaise with the front desk/reservations staff to ensure you cover all bases. Avvio recently embraced this trend by introducing 'Personalisation' which seeks to provide relevant content based on the users’ status. A visitor who has already booked may see an offer to upgrade or book a spa treatment or dinner in advance of their stay. A returning guest may see a discounted offer to welcome them back. Questions to look at include - Who is your customer? Why are they on the website? What information are they most likely looking for and how can you answer them quickly with the relevant, most up to date information. Different personas have different needs and aligning your content towards this is a necessary way to achieve your content marketing goals.

Gresham Website Personalisation Module


2. Once you know who your audience is, you can develop a strategic plan on how to deliver relevant and engaging content. 

Branding needs to remain consistent throughout your marketing message and a content plan can be a great way to align goals & objectives with your overall vision.  Remember to include seasonal content as well as any events that may be of relevance to the hotel.  Measure the effectiveness of your content and adapt your strategic plan where needed. 

For an example of best practice in creating seasonal and relevant content then look no further than Urban Villa a trendy hotel based in Brentford West London who’re making waves when it comes to developing content that includes not just hotel news but also draws inspiration from the city itself. Looking for the best place to get the best chocolates in Brentford? The Urbanite has you covered.  This is not only great for SEO and helping Urban Villa rank for local search terms that they mightn’t otherwise be but by promoting local amenities and retailers they are generating goodwill from these businesses.

 The Urbanite- Urban Villa Magazine


3. Create compelling, shareable content that seeks to enhance the visitors experience. Long tail keyword research can be a great way to see if there are any further opportunities from a content perspective.  Long tail keywords are search terms that consist of three or more separate words ‘Child friendly hotels with swimming pool’. When creating content, be descriptive with your brand, products and services.  If describing a local amenity for example, state the location and how far away it is from the property. Each page must provide enough information to make a decision and complete a goal when/if satisfied. Answering as many questions as possible will not only provide good quality content, but will encourage the visitor to make a purchasing decision and complete a goal.

4. A shorter URL is generally better in terms of SEO. Page names should be relevant and in lower case. There should be specific landing pages for each of the specific areas of content. 

5. Optimise each page. Meta data should match the targeted keywords and content, an area which Avvio specialise in should you need assistance.

You can find part two of this article here.

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