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Avvio sponsors HEDNA Global Distribution Conference in Dublin 2017

Learn. Exchange. Grow. Three fundamental philosophies of business. These three words also make up the tagline of the HEDNA Global Distribution Conference, which is taking place on 12 - 15 June in Dublin.

As Avvio holds adaptation, development and growth at the top of our priorities, it seems fitting that we’re platinum sponsors of this invaluable conference. Not only will Avvio be sponsoring the event, but two of our top experts will also be holding ground-breaking presentations.

At 16.15 on Tuesday 13 June, Rich Tuckwell, Avvio’s VP Head of Sales and Marketing and an HSMAI named Top 20 Extraordinary Mind in Europe, will be discussing with Charlie Osmond, CEO of our integration partner, TripTease, how to drive direct revenue through a killer digital strategy.

In their fully interactive discussion, Rich and Charlie will address the growing demand from travellers to have a truly special and emotional experience browsing and booking on a hotel’s website. They’ll give insightful strategies to grow direct bookings and long-term guest loyalty through emotion and will include tips and tools to ensure you are digitally optimised, dynamic and responsive.

Rich explains, “A guest’s experience with your hotel doesn’t start when they arrive at the property. It starts when they first click onto your website. If you don’t give them a good first impression of your brand, chances are, you won’t get an opportunity to give them a second impression. It’s important to play to shoppers’ emotions, so that you nail that first impression and show shoppers just how special their experience staying at your hotel will be. Charlie and I will talk you through how to create an effective and emotive booking path that will incite website visitors to convert.”

The excitement doesn’t end there. The next day, Frank Reeves, co-founder and CEO of Avvio, will be leading an unmissable presentation on the latest technology to transform the hospitality industry: Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots and Virtual Reality: Using Technology to Engage with Consumers. AI is shifting from sci-fi to reality and consumers are fast becoming attuned to personalised online experiences. In his talk, Frank will discuss how emerging technologies are affecting the hospitality industry and how accommodation providers can use them to boost efficiencies and direct revenue in their own businesses.

Frank summarises: “Chatbots, personalisation, AI… The reality is that guests expect these services now. They, like us, experience personalisation and AI every day, through Netflix, Amazon, Twitter and Siri. And now they expect it when booking a hotel room. Guests crave relevant, personalised experiences and you can give this to them on your website and across your digital channels relatively simply. I’m going to let you in on how to do this in a way that improves efficiencies, direct bookings and ROI.”

With two full days of invaluable educational sessions and quality networking opportunities, the HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) ) Global Distribution Conference will be an iconic, inspiring event. Hosted at The Croke Park Hotel in the international tourist hub of Dublin and sponsored by Avvio, attendees can expect lively discussions and game-changing insight.

For tickets and the full agenda, visit the HEDNA website.

Not attending HEDNA? To learn more about how Avvio can help improve your direct booking revenue and digital marketing strategies, get in touch.

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