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Posted by Frank Reeves on: 2017-05-22 11:33:00Avvio  |  Booking Engine  |  Digital Marketing


It’s a busy week in London as usual, and I’m matching the city’s fast pace.  I’ll leave the Boutique Hotel and Lifestyle Summit on Tuesday 22 May and head straight to the Hotel Operations Conference on Wednesday 23 May, to join another exciting panel discussion. I’ll be coming together with three other hospitality technology experts in the morning session to discuss how accommodation providers can amp up their productivity and guest experience on a day to day basis.

Joining me on the panel will be Michael Kessler, from ReviewPro, Lesley Reynolds from PSD Hospitality & Leisure and Chris Mumford of Aethos Consulting Group. Our discussion aims to help accommodation providers get more out of their day’s work. We’ll cover how to use technology to improve productivity, while at the same time enhancing the guest experience to boost direct and repeat bookings.

Hoteliers are rushed off their feet. There’s so much to do every day, and it can seem impossible to keep track of everything going on. Our panel discussion will prove to you that it isn’t impossible. You can use simple productivity hacks and innovative online software to really speed up operations within your business, and to deliver an exceptional guest experience at the same time. At Avvio, we constantly develop new strategies to improve direct bookings for hotels and accommodation providers. It’s all about making it quick, easy and seamless for potential guests to book a room; it’s about providing an outstanding guest experience at every stage of their visit – from booking to check-in to post stay. That’s how you strengthen guest loyalty, that’s how you win repeat bookings.

Powered by Hotel Analyst, the conference will look into hotel operations, which are often overlooked, yet which are critical to every hotel’s success. As investment grows within the industry in third party managers, it’s clear that management and operations are becoming increasingly important and a bigger issue if executed inefficiently. This event explores how value is created by managing day to day staff, tasks and processes more effectively. It highlights how focused management across all aspects of the hotel business will deliver the best results and hones in on just what that management looks like.

More about Hotel Operations Conference

Hosted at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge, this event features spotlight sessions throughout the two day conference including profitability, productivity and a different take on management, along with the importance of scale, legal contracts, branding, property and managing finances. Targeted at hotel brand companies, hotel operating companies and hotel owners, the conference has a host of supporters and sponsors, including Avvio.

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