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Posted by Rich Tuckwell on: 2017-03-15 12:15:16Avvio  |  Web Design


If you attended ITB Berlin last week, you may have seen me walking the floor.  Travelling and events are a staple diet for me, but ITB was different, as it gave me the valuable opportunity to meet and speak with hundreds of industry leaders in one place.

The five-day event was filled with experts speaking on developments in the hospitality industry, but one seminar particularly caught my attention. Marvin Strenger, Team Manager at Freshcells Systems in his talk ‘Tender Offers Are The Death Of Web Projects!’ advised not to spend too much time creating the perfect website for a hotel or other accommodation.

To quote the engineering expert:

“A Short time to market is necessary. Approximately three to five months is best, because if you take a year or two you are in danger of being obsolete by the time your website launches.”

In some ways, Strenger is right. With digital trends progressing so rapidly, hoteliers and other accommodation providers must be agile in adapting their websites to fit consumers’ expectations. But website design should by no means be rushed.

Hoteliers and accommodation providers must absolutely prioritise their website design, so they can optimise it to increase conversions and direct bookings. Before they visit the hotel or serviced apartment website, most customers know nothing about the brand – apart from perhaps the details online travel agencies (OTAs) provide.

Now that OTAs such as have started to capture up to 50% of a hotel’s online bookings[1], it’s more important than ever for brands to focus on driving direct traffic to their website and to effectively engage visitors to incentivise direct bookings. It’s imperative to give potential customers the best user experience possible.

With the pressure to adapt to ever-changing digital trends, how can accommodation providers take the time needed to design and update the perfect website to reflect their brand?

This is why Avvio’s responsive web design is so successful.

Our website designs are specifically optimised, tested and proven to increase direct bookings and conversion rates for accommodation providers. Using Avvio’s cutting edge software, clients can create a website that fits their brand perfectly and guides visitors through the direct booking path quickly and easily.

Avvio’s content management system is intuitive and customisable, which enables businesses to format their website to look on-brand, professional and easily navigable, even without any HTML knowledge. Whilst we strongly advise that you should take time to effectively plan your website and make sure it fits your brand, Avvio’s software is dynamic enough to deliver a responsive and professional web design in just a few months. Hoteliers and accommodation providers can easily edit and update their website as time goes on, so that they never fall behind key web trends.

Avvio can also save time for hoteliers in digital marketing by connecting directly to TripAdvisor, Trivago, Google Hotels and more. This enables brands to increase their website traffic and direct bookings with minimal toil, so they still have time to keep up with the latest technology trends in the industry and to give their guests the best experience possible during their stay.

Avvio’s software and services don’t stop there. For more information on how we can help you optimise your website and direct bookings, please contact us.

ITB Berlin is the Leading Travel Trade Show and a key date in many industry leaders’ diaries, including Avvio’s. Covering five continents and 187 countries, the talks and exhibitions at ITB Berlin bring forth new industry insight that brands should remember and apply to their business practices. Not to mention, the event is a fantastic networking opportunity and I felt privileged to walk the floor and develop so many valuable relationships. Avvio is already looking forward to seeing some of you at next year’s ITB Berlin.

[1] The difficult coexistence between and your website, Mirai, 02 March 2017 (

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