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2016 saw the Temple Bar Hotel in Dublin transform from a three star to a four star property. Mixing contemporary design with independent flair, the hotel started a partnership with Avvio in 2016 to showcase their refreshed brand and new interior design across all digital channels. Avvio has helped the Temple Bar Hotel create three internationally appealing websites, strengthen their digital marketing strategies and boost their direct bookings with Europe’s leading booking engine, Convert by Avvio.


Becoming More Direct

The Temple Bar Hotel has implemented an extensive book direct strategy to reduce their dependence on online travel agencies (OTAs) and achieve a higher return on investment from each guest booking. Acting on Avvio’s expert advice, the Temple Bar Hotel offers a best rate guarantee to guests who make a direct booking, along with a complimentary late check out and a voucher towards food and beverage in the hotel.

They publicise this guarantee through Triptease’s enchantment widget integration with Avvio. These widgets show the hotel’s direct booking rates against OTA rates, so guests can easily see that it’s cheaper to book direct. Avvio has helped the Temple Bar Hotel promote their book direct benefits on their website and through pay per click (PPC) campaigns based on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model, ensuring they compete effectively for the top spot on Google search results while getting a higher ROI on their ad spend. Avvio further augmented the Temple Bar Hotel’s online presence by opening up more paid channels, including Bing, Trivago, Google HPA and Kayak. These strategies have boosted the hotel’s direct booking revenue, which has doubled compared to the same period in 2016. In just one year, Temple Bar Hotel’s conversion rate has grown by 79.47%, while their transactions have increased by 48.42% and their revenue has climbed 141.16%


Optimised landing pages

The Temple Bar Hotel lies in the international tourist hub of Dublin, which teems with accommodation choices for global travellers. To stand out from competitors, the hotel has worked closely with Avvio to enhance their brand and hone their focus in on target markets.

Analysing their guest data, the hotel found that US visitors tend to enjoy longer stays and command higher average booking values. Avvio has helped them speak directly to these markets through dedicated landing pages for US and UK guests, which are optimised for Google searches run in those areas, and have resulted in a rise in conversions.



Extra websites for each venue

A huge attraction point for the Temple Bar hotel is the two extra venues the company owns. So Avvio created two new websites, to showcase their iconic social interactive sports bar, Buskers on the Ball, and Buskers Bar, an entertainment venue, both just around the corner from the hotel. All three websites strongly reflect the Temple Bar Hotel brand, while also appealing to slightly different markets, who want varying things from their stay in Dublin.

Guests can click around these websites to gather all the information they need on the hotel, venues, attractions and packages and can also book their entire visit directly through these websites.


A close working relationship

Creating such in-depth strategies requires a dedicated team and a close working relationship. The Temple Bar Hotel can effectively track their progress with Avvio and ensure they’re always headed in the right direction. The hotel’s team has regular meetings with Avvio’s experts, Una and Stephen, who discuss their performance and give them valuable insights into industry trends across Dublin.

Nicola Nelson, Sales Manager at Temple Bar Hotel, summarises: “Having recently changed from a three star to a four star brand, we feel it’s critical to reflect this transformation across all our online channels. Avvio has really helped us communicate with our target market and encourage them to book direct rather than through OTAs. With Avvio’s regular recommendations and insights into industry trends, we feel confident that we can showcase the Temple Bar Hotel brand effectively on all our websites and through our digital marketing strategies. Avvio also helps us to effectively track our hotel’s progress and constantly look for ways we can improve this further.”

Una Murphy, one of Avvio’s key account managers, explains: “We focus on strategy and make regular recommendations, which the Temple Bar Hotel is happy to follow to keep their website, booking engine and digital campaigns dynamic. The team at the hotel also communicates their objectives and requirements with us, so we work with them to support them from a digital perspective. The partnership is such that the Temple Bar team know that we are never more than a call or email away.”

Avvio is delighted to be working with Temple Bar Hotel at such an impressive time of change, and to aid them with digital expertise as they continue to grow their four star hotel.


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