Why the Killarney Park Hotel uses Avvio to boost direct bookings and improve guest experience

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Killarney Park Hotel

The Killarney Park Hotel is a five-star, family owned hotel lying in the beautiful Killarney National Park in Ireland’s Co. Kerry. Surrounded by jaw-dropping mountainous countryside, the hotel offers a blend of modern day luxury and old-world elegance that guests will never want to leave.

It’s a challenge in itself to reflect this one-of-a-kind experience to online visitors, so the Killarney Park Hotel has been working with Avvio for over a decade to continue showcasing their brand effectively through all online and digital channels.

John Downes, the hotel’s Digital Marketing Executive, explains: “Our business has evolved dramatically over the years, from a basic website/ booking engine to what it is now. We have incorporated dynamic packaging, dynamic room substitution and personalisation, to name but a few of the key features. We also like to bounce ideas off Avvio, such as new features and enhancements. It’s all about working together to increase our overall conversions.”

Over the years, the Killarney Park Hotel has worked closely with Avvio to improve their business and has adopted Avvio’s digital marketing services, website optimisation and most recently, our personalisation toolkit.

Website Creation

John continues to explain how the hotel updated their website:

“By partnering with Avvio, we’ve created a more intuitive, up to date website, continually adding new features over the course of time to where it is today.  Avvio has also worked closely with our team to maximise our global reach through a series of digital initiatives and platforms.”

- John Downes, Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing

“We’ve been forward thinking regarding our online strategy and know that the future lies in digital. So three years ago the owners created my role, to focus on this area alongside the Avvio team and take it from strength to strength.”

One look at the Killarney Park Hotel’s statistics over the past three years proves this was a brilliant move to make. Taking on Avvio’s digital marketing services and advice in May 2015 has resulted in a year on year increase in revenue across all digital channels, as the table below demonstrates.

Killarney Park Hotel Digital Marketing Growth


The Killarney Park Hotel prides itself on personal service to gain loyal customers and a high level of repeat business. To improve this further, the hotel adopted Avvio’s personalisation tools, and since January their direct bookings through the personalised booking engine grew by 60%.

John illustrates how personalisation made this happen: “Personalisation has given an identity to the customers that come onto our site. The website shows that we recognise them as a returning visitor, even before they stay with us.”

“The very fact that the website remembers their preferred booking date and possibly their name, depending on how far they progress in the booking process, creates a bond between the customer and our hotel. From here, we focus on building on that loyalty and relationship.”

Plans for the future

The Killarney Park Hotel continues to evolve and has recently committed to introducing video to their site, in particular on the landing page of each room type. This creates a unique experience for guests prior to their stay and will make the hotel the leader in using this new feature.

Here at Avvio, we are delighted to have been working closely with the Killarney Park Hotel for ten years and providing them with cutting-edge technology and services, such as our industry leading booking engine, Avvio by Convert and our personalisation engine, to help them excel as a brand and business. As John said, the future lies in digital, and at Avvio we are constantly developing new and innovative ways to ensure our hotel partners stay at the forefront of the travel industry’s digital revolution.

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