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An Increase in Direct Revenue Guaranteed With Our AI Booking Engine

Your guests shouldn’t receive a one-size-fits-all online booking experience. Allora changes all this, and is the next-generation of booking engine.

Allora uses artificial intelligence to deliver a seamless end-to-end booking experience, no matter what device your shoppers are using, and mirrors your own brand experience. Allora brings a responsive, streamlined and sophisticated process to your hotel’s online booking path, lifting conversion rates and increasing average booking values.

Allora lifts hotel websites to deliver the right message, to the right guest at the right time.

Machine Learning

Allora applies Machine Learning to large volumes of data and analyses patterns to understand what it takes to convert a shopper – our Learning Models work hard to learn what’s working and what isn’t.

Networked Intelligence

Drawing on larger pools of booking data lets Allora’s Networked Intelligence skill delivers on a much wider variety of scenarios – letting you cut short your learning-lead in time and strategising for even the most unlikely scenarios.

Recommender Engine

Allora’s sophisticated Recommender Engine skill delivers contextually relevant messaging in real time, improving the experience and outcome for every customer interaction to create a great guest experience from the start.


Allora’s latest skill gives customers another way to interact with your property. Manage online guest conversations and facilitate bookings using a conversational booking bot, all neatly integrated into the booking journey to increase conversion.

A responsive design that automatically adapts whether the user is viewing your website from a desktop browser, tablet or mobile device, providing an always-optimised experience.

Allora uses AI for continuous learning, constantly optimising to achieve better outcomes for every hotel and accommodation provider using the platform. Allora watches and learns from what’s happening now, and what has happened in the past. It explores data to understand behaviours and help hoteliers to make the right decisions for your property.

A fresh, clean and highly-customisable design and layout enables you to combine best practice in user-journey design with your hotel’s unique brand identity.

Capable of capturing complex booking details and customer preferences in fewer pages and fields, eliminating any chance of customer fatigue and, therein, increasing conversion rates.

By occupancy, price, length of stay and theme – to help the shopper identify the best rate and room combination for their needs.

Provides hoteliers with the ability to present inventory prices as organised by room type as well as by rate plan, whichever your preference.

At an individual rate or rate group level, allow shoppers to see what rates are on sale by calendar month and date. Useful for grouped special-offer promotions and specific-rate landing pages.

Enhanced sales messaging features in the booking path process means more positive reinforcement for your potential guests, including prominent space for a final personal message to ensure that bookings are completed on the hotel site.

Allora provides industry-leading insights and reporting, with a view to measuring performance and consumer behaviour of visitors to your website and booking process.

When you switch to Avvio, you will be fully supported by our highly skilled E-Commerce team who are fully HSMAI revenue certified and Google accredited – so you will have greater expertise which you won’t get from any other provider or agency.

Industry Leading Services

Allora is more advanced, more adaptive and more intelligent than any other direct booking engine. By orchestrating better online interactions between hotels and guests, Allora focuses primarily on driving direct bookings and guest loyalty through a dynamic user experience.

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We guarantee to grow your direct bookings when you switch to Avvio

Allora is built on years of innovation. Using artificial intelligence, Allora constantly optimises to achieve better outcomes for every hotel and accommodation provider using the platform.

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