Career Progression at Avvio: Meet Faye and Jess

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Career Progression at Avvio: Meet Faye and Jess

Meet Faye and Jess! Both girls joined the Avvio team in 2018 under the Marriott account – however, as new opportunities arose across the team, both have brought their skillset and expertise into key customer-facing roles within Avvio.

Avvio encourage the team to actively seek out opportunities and create the type of work environment that they want to be a part of, which is why we’re proud to have such a strong record of internal growth across the team.

Faye joined the Avvio team in 2018 as a Digital Service Manager for Marriott. Within 18 months, Faye progressed into an eCommerce Manager role, working with Avvio customers to gain an understanding of their hotel, their needs and working to devise a strategy that best utilises the Avvio platform.

On a daily basis I strive to achieve Year on Year growth for my customer base by driving adoption and managing the Avvio system features, analysing complex data sets and reports and making recommendations to enhance their performance.

Jess started her Avvio journey working with Marriott Hotels, managing their digital strategies (SEO & PPC). Within a year, Jess progressed to a Project Management Coordinator role within Avvio’s PMO team – managing new web design on-boarding projects from contract signatures to go-live’s.

I ensure all members of the project, both the Avvio team and our customer, are kept up-to-date on the status of each step in the website development process. I also work with the customer on their deliverables to ensure we receive the correct, organised information to keep the project moving.

What attracted you to working for Avvio?

FAYE: In a previous role within the hotel industry I was a customer of Avvio – the support and knowledgeable recommendations which I received on a daily basis from different points of contact within Avvio was extremely valuable to myself and the team. I always remembered how upbeat, happy and friendly Avvio employees were anytime I spoke with them and because of this I always remembered thinking that Avvio seemed like a great place to work.

JESS: The Career Benefits shared on the Avvio website were really appealing and everyone looked so nice. When I went for my interview, it was as if I had known the interviewers my whole life. They shared that the company really focuses on their employees well-being, training and promote a team working environment which had me sold.

What has been your most valuable learning experience so far?

FAYE: Since starting with Avvio in 2018 I have been given ample opportunities to upskill and I have gained valuable experience through training sessions and by listening and taking advice from my very knowledgeable colleagues. Avvio organised a two day Presentation Skills workshop which provided me with the opportunity to gain invaluable experience on how to improve my presenting and public speaking skills.

JESS: Working with all the different departments and asking them questions about their expertise in order to gain further understanding of all the aspects of the company.

What support do you receive from your peers/senior management?

FAYE: In my current role no question ever goes unanswered and there is great encouragement from my peers, team lead and senior management to come to them with any problems no matter how big or small. There is a great sense of friendship among all my peers and senior management which allows an ease when it comes to reaching out with questions etc.

JESS: Ample Training Opportunities and a family like support system, caring for your wellbeing.

What is your favourite thing about working for Avvio?

FAYE: The company culture in Avvio is outstanding! I have never experienced a company who cares so much about their employees and work every day to add to this. Everyone is involved and treated with the utmost respect.

JESS: The people, the benefits and the support!

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to apply for a similar role?

FAYE: Even if you feel that you don’t have the required experience – Still apply! Avvio will provide in-depth training to bring you up to speed. Go for it, do your research and be yourself…you won’t be disappointed!

JESS: Project Management is all about organisation, thinking ahead, problem solving and dealing with people. Listening to other’s experiences and expertise will help you grow the most.

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