Day 11: Give the Gift of Vouchers

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Day 11: Give the Gift of Vouchers

Give the Gift of Vouchers

We believe that vouchers are a great way to drive revenue this festive season! Follow our top ten tips for festive success!

1. Complete a Voucher Audit

Before driving traffic to the voucher booking engine, check your inventory. Have a look at which vouchers have been booked in the last year. Make sure your best-sellers are front and center on the booking engine order. Remove any that haven’t performed well in the last year – they only clutter your online store front.

2. Update your Voucher Imagery

Next, check the voucher imagery. Does each thumbnail on the booking engine show your hotel off to the best advantage? Are you confusing potential bookers by using the same image on more than one voucher?

3. Check your voucher template

As most vouchers are digitally downloaded and printed, check if your template is up to date. Make a great first impression by using templates customised to your hotel’s branding.

4. Add Voucher Sales Messaging

Sales messaging (highlighted text) makes it easier to see the benefits of each voucher at a glance.

5. Allow Voucher Upsells

Voucher upsells allows bookers to add more hotel services to their voucher sale. E.g. for an overnight B&B voucher, you can allow them to add dinner or flowers in the room. This gives your guest the option of a more personalised gift.

6. Define Voucher Groups

If your property has multiple vouchers live, voucher groups allow you to organise them by topic. These voucher groups can also be deep-linked off of different sections of the site. E.g. create a voucher group for golf vouchers, and use this specific URL on the golf section of your site and in golf advertising.

7. Use Discounts on your Vouchers

To encourage higher uptake on voucher sales, you can now discount voucher cost to the customer, while allowing them to receive the full value of the voucher purchased. This works for both fixed and variable value vouchers.

8. Drop a hint on Social Media

Allow voucher users to share specific vouchers with family and friends. Social media or mail links can be included on the vouchers, to make sharing possible with one simple click.

9. Design a Voucher Tag for the Home Page

Making it as easy as possible to click through to the voucher booking engine increases the likelihood of a conversion. Why not get festive by adding a Christmas themed gift voucher tag to the homepage with a design that aligns with your brand!

10. Drive Brand Awareness for the Vouchers

Once your website is ready, it’s time to drive traffic its way. Display (image ads shown on Google partner sites) & Bumper Ads (six second ads shown on YouTube) are the most cost effective options. If you avail of digital services with Avvio, our team will show these to audiences in market for gift experiences, as well as hotel gift cards.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for day 12!

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