Day 12: Help Your(s)Elves

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Day 12: Help Your(s)Elves

Help Your(s)Elves

Imagine you are away on a city break with your other half trying to find the art museum you have always wanted to visit. It’s less than a mile away, but you just can’t seem to find it. Do you stop and ask? Of course not!

We instinctively want to figure things out for ourselves and not admit defeat! The same is increasingly true for how we want to get our support from teams and companies that we work with.

Our hypothesis is backed up by considerable industry research:

According to Forrester, “72% of people don’t want to call for support. They prefer to search in your product itself, browse your help and FAQ pages, Google or use chat.”

Gartner also supports this change in direction, showing that self service will “increase from 48% to 64% over the next few years”.

We asked our customers

So with the working hypothesis that we needed to rethink the way we deliver education and support, we asked our customers (in a series of interviews in November ‘18) what they actually wanted.

They told us:

• That they are “time poor” – Operational hotel roles are very busy

• Traditional training is easily forgotten and hard to pass on

• That they wanted more self service training online in bite-size chunks

• Available 24 x 7

With all of that in mind, we started working on the two core elements that could make a real difference: Great self-help articles that are easily available and an online chat functionality.

Our Customers now have access to an amazing online help centre at with over 200 in-depth articles that explain everything from setting up a new rate to enabling the new anti-abandonment feature.

The search box at the top of the page auto-suggests as soon as you start typing so you are able to quickly see articles related to your question.

Messaging is now more popular than social media and the majority of people use it as part of their everyday lives to keep in touch with friends and family. It makes sense that this way of communicating should now extend into our work lives.

If you don’t immediately see what you need you can always chat to us directly. The quickest way to do that is to use our online chat feature which is enabled and live on every page on the helpdesk. Look for the chat icon at the bottom right hand side of every page. There is a dedicated team available for you to chat with Monday-Friday 9-5.

So the next time you need help, why not take advantage of what the help desk has to offer – there is a fountain of knowledge at your fingertips!

That concludes our 12 Days of Christmas – You can find all 12 articles in our downloadable Christmas e-book here. Happy Christmas, from Avvio!

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