Day 7: Sleighing Speed

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Day 7: Sleighing Speed

Sleighing Speed

Can the speed of your website really have that much of an effect on your sales? The answer is yes, it does. Google and other search engines penalise sites that load slowly – but more importantly, so do users. They stop visiting, bounce, and don’t convert. You’ll lose out on sales and traffic if your site loads slowly.

At Avvio, we’ve known about the importance of page speed for a long time. And we are constantly optimising our platform to ensure that your visitors are engaging with a highly adaptive, performant and reliable booking engine.

With customers more mobile than ever before, it is important to cater for them by optimising for all device types. Our responsive booking engine specifically caters to the mobile customer. Our engineering team ensure that content and network constraints are properly considered when designing user workflows.

The impact of every code change on our platform is measured to the millisecond, and constantly monitored. Our average booking engine page takes just 0.1 seconds to load. That’s fast!

Maximising Performance 

All media content is streamed from network edge locations around the globe – reducing latency for your customers wherever in the world they are. A broad range of additional tools (both internal and external) are also used to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability of the Avvio platform.

With the ongoing investments made by Avvio in infrastructure, platform and processes, we are well positioned for the ongoing changes in customer behaviour and increased expectations from the mobile generation.

In order to maximise your website performance, consider things like the size of images that you are uploading. Many tools such as TinyPNG ( allow you to compress images without any loss in picture quality. Smaller images result in faster websites.

Third-party trackers can also massively impact your page load times. We would recommend periodic reviews of the tools and trackers that are enabled on your website and booking engine and remove any that are no longer required.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 8!

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