Day 8: It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Day 8: It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

What do you associate with the festive season? Is it the smell of cinnamon in your seasonal red cup? The sound of Michael Bublé playing on every radio station? Or simply being in front of a fire on a cold winter evening?

For most, the festive season is not a ‘what’, it’s a feeling: of excitement, of gratitude, of contentment. The hospitality industry has the ability to capture human experiences, with Christmas being the perfect time to tap into those heightened emotions. However, in order to effectively do this, you need to appropriately optimise your website to connect with potential guests.

Take the time to showcase all that your property has to offer. From gift vouchers to Christmas deals, visitors come to your website because they want ideas on what to buy for their loved ones. Keep them on-site by getting that feeling just right.

Christmas landing pages 

Help the decision-making process by creating specific Christmas landing pages, loaded with great gift ideas and seasonal imagery. Remember that most visitors consume information visually, which is why using festive imagery is vital. Include images of your finest interior spaces and your carefully decorated Christmas tree and shining lights. If you offer festive food such as mince pies, Christmas puddings and mulled wine we recommend displaying them on your website!

Some takeaway tips!

• Be sure to include seasonal imagery, videos, graphics and colours to
portray a ‘Christmas’ feel within your property.
• Consider bespoke elements such as animated buttons, graphic tags and
snow effects.
• Promote vouchers, gift ideas, offers, dining, and any exclusive celebrations
that are unique to your property.

And if you’re feeling really jolly, why not create an immersive Christmas microsite which promotes all events and offerings you have running over the festive period? This will not only entice your guests, it will also encourage multi-night stays.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for day 9!

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