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Coco Palm Resort

“We chose Avvio as a partner for a number of reasons. It was important to us that they place a high priority on customer relationships as that reflects our working culture here at Coco Palm… Before we relied on direct links from Expedia which meant a referral cost of 22%. Now we’re generating $200k through the Avvio platform, with a fractional acquisition cost to us and we’re also seeing an increase in overall business.”

Mark Ferguson, Managing Director
Coco Palm Resort, St. Lucia

Coco Palm is a resort hotel situated in the beautiful area of Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia. It boasts two restaurants, 103 bedrooms and employs over 150 staff. Avvio started providing services to the luxury hotel in 2017 and in just over three months the revenue had grown by more than 25 per cent – equal to the level of growth achieved over 12 months before the Avvio system was implemented.

Avvio handles the Metasearch, PPC strategy and implementation, SEO management, and we work closely with Coco Palm on their website optimization and integration with OTAs and third party referral sources.

The next stage of the partnership will see the hotel using Allora, our unique AI booking engine which will provide each website visitor with a unique and personalized booking experience. Read the full case study on the Avvio blog.

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