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Since late February 2020, the team at Avvio have been tracking the impact the COVID-19 Coronavirus has had on online search and travel intent across the hospitality industry. We want to ensure that when the upturn starts and the appetite for travel resumes, we are fully prepared and ready to help our customers and the wider industry.

We will be updating this page and our data regularly – please refer back to this page for weekly updates.

Travel trends

Please note: Key dates for each country have been clearly indicated on each graph.

The green line represents the 40% mark – this tells us that search demand is back to 40% of its peak. At this stage, we would advise turning on low intent paid search. The blue line is 50% – at this stage, we would advise all hotels have all paid search campaigns up and running.

Digital Strategies for the recovery

Are you ready for the upturn? Our latest blog posts will give you practical insight into what your hotel needs to do, when you need to do it, and why it is necessary for the COVID-19 recovery.

Survey Results

Recovery Search Queries