Have you planned your Digital Marketing Assets for Relaunch Campaigns?

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Have you planned your Digital Marketing Assets for Relaunch Campaigns?

As the tourism industry re-awakens, it’s time to reactivate your digital marketing. Step one is launching brand awareness ads, in order to build market interest.

Google Ads Display & Video campaigns will be essential; due to their cost-effectiveness, high-quality web placements and advanced targeting. To help prepare your property’s digital assets for these campaigns, Avvio has shared our ad briefs, containing recommended sizes and technical requirements. 

Download these helpful best practice guides: 

Download these helpful best practice guides:

We’ve also put together a list of do’s & don’ts for ad creatives post COVID-19:

Launch Ads should:

  • Be designed with your domestic market in mind. Consider what has attracted domestic tourists to your property in the past, and capitalize on it further. Whether it’s the location, facilities or unique packages, start the process with an understanding of what your domestic market responds too.
  • Showcase exterior imagery where possible. Given social distancing requirements, wide-open spaces resonate best with potential guests. If the hotel doesn’t have any exterior shots, then local attractions work well. For free stock imagery for Ireland or the UK, visit the respective government initiatives on  Ireland’s Content Pool and Visit Britain Images.
  • Use the strongest imagery possible. The tourism market is about to go from 0 to saturation point and hotels need to stand out from the noise with creativity. Choose imagery that grabs attention at a glance, as adverts often display only momentarily.
  • Echo the brand message for re-opening. Now more than ever, cohesive marketing is essential. Your brand and its message should be instantly recognisable across all of your marketing assets.

Launch Ads should not:

  • Mention COVID-19. A reminder of the coronavirus isn’t going to tempt any guest to click on your ad. Instead, share the hygiene measures your property is undertaking after you have already attracted a potential visitor to your website.
  • Use free cancellation as a tagline. While an essential measure for re-opening, free cancellation in itself isn’t enough of an attraction to increase ad click-through rate.
  • Have F&B imagery until dining outlets are open. Food & beverage focused imagery used to be a firm favorite for brand awareness campaigns. However, unless your property can offer each guest a safe dining experience, it’s a better guest experience to lead with other property visuals.
  • Have crowds of people in the visual. Until large gatherings are permitted, crowds of people may strike the wrong message in the age of social distancing.
  • Have ‘salesy’ messaging. The market will be price sensitive initially. Lead with property experiences rather than rate to get the best response.

Once your brand awareness ads are created, work with your digital marketing partner to decide the optimal targeting & budgets.  For more information on relaunching digital activities, get in touch with Avvio’s digital marketing team today.


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