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Avvio offers full transparency into digital marketing investments & results.

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The importance of Digital Strategy

A hugely important part of your digital performance comes down to planning and strategy.

Avvio offers full transparency into digital marketing investments & results. Your campaigns are reported on fully through Google Data Studios, which is linked to your Avvio reporting platform. This enables you to check your spend, and resulting revenue, across all digital marketing platforms & date ranges, at any given time.

Our digital strategists monitor these results closely, in order to adapt your marketing & achieve the best ROI. Budgets are consistently re-assigned per channel, based on both the needs of the property and market conditions.

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When reviewing these reports, we consistently focus on the overall ROI; based on overall spend, and overall booked revenue. Our end goal is to achieve a lower attainment cost for each property, by being flexible with the digital strategies. 

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By selecting the right tactics, you’ll amplify your brand message, and reduce your cost of sale.

An effective digital marketing strategy will result in the cost of sale from your brand website typically between 6-10%. This of course depends on location; star rating; with 5-star properties having the lowest cost of sale. Though of course, reducing operating costs by continuously testing tactics is always the goal. Compared to OTA commissions, this is a huge cost saving for hotels.

To help you optimise your net REVPAR across all of your online revenue sources, Avvio is sharing our formula for online success.

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Analysis and Reporting

Analysing your data is key to making the correct strategic Digital Marketing decisions. The data from digital marketing can help you to not just understand your customer but also improve how you market to them. The analysis of data behind a campaign can help to pinpoint the success of it, why, and how the audience interacted with it. Our team of experts are here to help you review and analyse the metrics to increase your revenue. 

At Avvio we pride ourselves on the level of analysis and reporting we provide to our customers. By using powerful tools such as Avvio Insights, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, and more we are able to provide recommendations that are customised to your property. 

Even though “web analytics” sounds like a very small area of your digital presence, the implications of are in fact, huge. If you are running any marketing activities such as Paid Search Ads, Metasearch or social media ads, your users are most likely going to visit your website somewhere along their user journey. Given that your website is the central hub of your digital presence, it is the best way to give you a holistic view of the effectiveness of all the campaigns. This is key to promote your hotel online and these tools and the Avvio Digital team help provide this data for you.

Digital Strategy

To summarise, opting in for Digital Strategy with Avvio

  • Best in class data analysis and reporting to help you make key Digital decisions. 
  • Increase direct bookings on your website.
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To discover more about Digital Strategy, watch the industry training resources on Hotel Digital Academy.

Our webinars cover an introduction to Google Analytics and a Digital Strategy overview.

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