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What is ‘Display Ads and Remarketing’?

The Google Display Network can help you reach hotel customers while they’re browsing their favorite websites, YouTube videos, Gmail accounts, or using mobile devices and apps.

Google Display Ads can find new customers or engage with existing customers using audiences. Similar audiences and in-market audiences allow you to target people who are most likely to be interested in your products, helping you find new prospective customers. You can also use data, like remarketing lists, to help you re-engage people who previously visited your hotel website.

Google’s automated targeting helps drive more conversions by finding high-performing audiences based on existing audiences. By automatically optimizing over time, Google Ads can learn which audiences work for each hotel.

Display ads can be placed in front of customers before they start searching for hotels which can be key for an overall digital strategy. They can also remind people of what they’re interested in, as in the case of remarketing to people who’ve previously visited the hotel website. Remarketing lets you show ads to people who have visited your site and left without making a booking. Reconnect with the visitor by showing imagery and key messaging to convert them and drive additional revenue. Avvio specialise in targeted remarketing campaigns with customised messaging designed to convert.

Key reasons to include Google Display Ads:

  • Builds brand awareness by placing the hotels brand directly in front of targeted customers
  • Enables hotels to connect with the most engaged audiences at the right momentthe ability of Google’s contextual targeting engine to place ads against the most relevant content across the web.
  • Enhances visibility of the hotels brand through audience targeting whether its highly targeted customer intent keywords or in-market customers who are actively searching for hotels 
  • Remarketing directly targets visitors that have been on the hotel website, a highly valuable audience that leads to conversions.

Suggested Budget:

Avvio suggests a minimum starting budget of £50, depending on the hotel’s marketing and revenue objectives.