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What are Google Search Ads?

Google Search Ads are text ads that are displayed among search results on a Google results page. Your ads can appear on the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) when your prospective customers are in the process of searching for products or services that your business offers. Search ads are always displayed above or underneath the organic search results returned by Google.

Anatomy of a Google Ads

Headlines & Descriptions:

Your ad copy can be the difference between a click on your ad or a click on your competitor’s. It’s crucial that your ad copy matches the searcher’s intent and is aligned with your target keywords. People are most likely to notice your headline text, so include words that users may have entered into their Google search

Best practice should include correct use of the description field to highlight details about a service or product you offer along with a strong “call to action”, the action you want your customer to take. i.e “Book Now”

Ad Extensions:

Ad extensions should always be used when running Google Search Ads, they are free, they offer an opportunity to provide additional information to the user and they increase the amount of space your ad takes up on the SERP.

  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Call Out Extensions
  • Price Extensions
  • Structured Snippet Extensions

Benefits of Google Search Ads:

  • Ads work faster than SEO
  • Fast measurable results
  • Brand awareness
  • Highly targeted traffic
  • Tackle your competition better
  • Measure your performance consistently

To summarise, opting in for Google Search Ads with Avvio:

  • Enables you to join forces with a Google Partner agency who are at the cutting edge of Google Search Ads techniques since 2002
  • Improve the visibility of your brand
  • Reap the benefits of using a fully scalable, measurable and flexible advertising platform