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Metasearch has become a very important channel for accommodation providers in recent times and one which you cannot afford to ignore. In 2018 some of our properties achieved almost 20% of their direct revenue through Metasearch with an average of almost 10%. With a low cost per acquisition (CPA) of only 7% this channel is really helping independent properties to claw back some market share from the OTA’s.

Why choose Avvio for Metasearch:

  • Our team manage this channel for you with best in class bid management and optimisation techniques;
  • We have worked on Metasearch since its launch;
  • Our partnership with Meta i/o allows gets you the best results and ROI.

It exposes your property to new bookers who may not be familiar with your property. This non-branded traffic may select your property based on location, price or reviews for example. As the revenue continues to grow and Google in particular give it so much prominence on their search results page you cannot afford to miss this revenue opportunity. Read more on the benefits of Metasearch for your property.