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What is Microsoft Advertising?

The concept behind this platform is the same as Google, Both are pay per click designed to increase revenue.

Microsoft Ads is essential to your PPC strategy as you can target potential customers you won’t find with Google ads alone. Bing is owned by Microsoft and it has 3 search engines. Bing Yahoo and AOL. So, when you advertise on one platform your ad is actually seen on all three.

Normally for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, the default search engine is and many people don’t change the settings to Google.

At Avvio we have long been proponents of Bing and our customers use its paid search platform. Almost 120 of our digital customers use Microsoft Ads with great results. The reality is that It won’t bring the same traffic as Google but if we don’t include Bing we are losing profits. Our Digital customers use Bing with very good results. We find it particularly effective for targeting the US market; we have a higher number of Bing users than in Europe.

In terms of functionality, Microsoft Advertising works similarly to Google Search Ads. It is quick and easy to set up. We have an option to import the existing Google ads into Bing.

The platform has unique features and benefits. Bing is catching up with Google and bringing a lot of updates making management more efficient

Key Reasons to include Microsoft Ads

  • In 2019 our customer’s average CPA for Bing bookings was 5.3% or an 18:1 ROI. That level to return is difficult to achieve anywhere else. There is less competition and the cost per click is lower than Google.
  • It is important to invest in Bing, don’t miss the opportunity to increase your presence.

Suggested Budget 

We would suggest a minimum starting budget of €/£50 – 150 ‘brand’ only. We would recommend discussing what suits your business best with your digital agency.