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What is Video Ads? 

Video Ads is the process of streaming your video content to a targeted audience online.

What Channels will you gain visibility on? 

You will gain visibility across YouTube and the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network is present on over 2 million websites which accounts for over 90% of the internet.  


When it comes to targeting on GDN, we have a range of options:

Contextual targeting: Matching Website Content.

  • Keywords: Target or exclude a websites key phrases e.g. Hotels in Dublin.
  • Topics: Target or exclude websites by their central theme e.g. Travel & Hospitality.


Audiences: Targeting a Specific Group of People.

  • Interest categories: Target or exclude by interests or affinities e.g. People planning trips to Ireland.
  • Remarketing: Target or exclude by people who have visited your site before. The most qualified remarketing audience are the people who have visited the booking engine but have not completed their booking.
  • Demographics: Target or exclude by age group or gender e.g. Males & Females aged 55+ for an “Over 55’s Midweek Package”.


Placement targeting: Targeting or Exclude Specific Websites & Apps

  • This can be useful if you wanted your video ads to not appear on websites that might harm the brand e.g. Crime. It can also help by placing your ads or relevant websites e.g. Tourism.

Benefits of videos for your hotel

  • Connect with your audience – by showcasing your hotel and what it has to offer
  • Reach – the right people by using the targeting options above.
  • Measure – the impact of your ads by checking impressions (the number of times your video appears), views &  clicks.

To summarise, opting in for Video Advertising with Avvio:

Video Advertising is a great way of growing brand awareness among the right people. The Avvio team will:

  • Create the right audiences
  • Monitor exposure & budgets
  • Identify new opportunities

To discover more about Video Advertising and the Google Display Network, check out the industry training resources on Hotel Digital Academy by Avvio. 

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