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Avvio’s Digital Strategy Secrets Guide

Digital marketing needlessly mystifies many in the travel industry. To simplify it, it’s balancing the mix between high, medium and low intent traffic, to drive both visibility and conversions. The right digital marketing strategy will entice new guests to your property, and win more of the available market demand.

By selecting the right tactics, you’ll amplify your brand message, and reduce your cost of sale. An effective digital marketing strategy will result in the cost of sale from your brand website typically between 6-10%. This of course depends on location & star rating; with 5-star properties having the lowest cost of sale. Though of course, reducing operating costs by continuously testing tactics is always the goal. Compared to OTA commissions, this is a huge cost saving for hotels.

To help you optimise your net REVPAR across all of your online revenue sources, Avvio is sharing our formula for online success with this downloadable e-book.