Day 2: Give the gift of Vouchers

12 Days of Directmas - Day 2 - 4th December

Day 2: Give the gift of Vouchers

Day 2: Give the gift of Vouchers

Online gift voucher sales have continued to grow over the years, with variety and accessibility being the key drivers. The last quarter of the year typically dominates the sales of online vouchers more than any other seasonal period, such as Mother’s Day and Valentines. Newer seasonal events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday have meant that users are now searching earlier and consuming more online than ever before.

You have to be fully optimised and prepared when it comes to driving gift voucher sales on your digital channels. Here are some of our top strategies to drive growth in this evolving online area.

Tips to optimise your online voucher sales

  • Create a landing page with a relevant name such as (use lowercase and separate words with a hyphen).
  • Set up audience lists for the page which can be used to collate data for future gift voucher campaigns (i.e. mum, dad, teacher etc.).
  • Include all relevant information on your landing page such as the types of questions visitors may need to know when making a purchase.
  • Personalise the experience! Avvio’s Vouchers feature allows you to show relevant content and imagery based on the user’s previous browsing behaviour. 
  • Link to your landing page from current website pages to give the vouchers page further SEO weight.
  • 6-second Bumper Ads work well as they offer a cheaper alternative to competitive search campaigns and you can use images. They cost on average, less than 0.02c/p per view, cannot be skipped, and are great for showcasing your gift vouchers!
  • Use site extensions to show the various vouchers you have on offer.


  • Take advantage of strike-through pricing. This is available on Avvio’s Vouchers feature. For example,  if you wanted to do a December gift voucher offer – €£$110 worth of vouchers for €£$100, you could display the pricing as a strike-through. 

Finally, when the season finishes, don’t undo all the hard work by deleting pages that have built up important rankings. The landing pages can be re-used next year, as can the paid campaigns that were set up. This makes it easy for you to update the content and make use of the data and audience lists that have accumulated.

Don’t forget to get in touch with your E-commerce Manager if you are wanting to set up and create campaigns around vouchers this Christmas!

Come back again tomorrow for the next tip!

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