Day 11: Don’t let the Grinch kill your January Sales

12 Days of Directmas - Day 11 - 17th December

Day 11: Don’t let the Grinch kill your January Sales

Day 11: Don’t let the Grinch kill your January Sales

With January just around the corner, it’s important to ensure that you have everything in place for the upcoming sales period. Keyword searches typically begin to gain traction at the start of December which means it’s important to have your landing pages in place.

Over the years, we’ve seen that users are searching for January sales related keywords as early as the start of December. Searches typically peak once seasonal events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have finished.  

How can you ensure you are ‘January Sale’ ready?

  • Know your target audience: not every user is price led. Use historical data and Google Analytics to decipher who you are targeting.
  • Update your landing page from last year. Re-using previous ‘January sale’ pages ensures you keep any search ranking authority gained from previous years.
  • Use imagery on the site that seeks to drive the message further. Use emotive words to create a sense of urgency – phrases such as; Last chance, Limited time, 48 hours only.
  • Keep the path to purchase simple by avoiding adding unnecessary pages.
  • Content is king! Ensure your content includes as much detail around your offering, to keep the user engaged and informed.

Once you have established who your audience is as well as your campaign goals, ensure you assign sufficient paid search budget to allow for the increase in demand. If you have any non-room campaigns such as weddings, ensure that you’ve allocated additional budget to these areas as January is actually a peak time for wedding searches.

Remember, there is a vast array of channels that can be used – display and remarketing images can offer a great way to create awareness of your offers which can be shown to either new users or to audiences that have been on the site.

Finally, remember to build suspense around your upcoming sale by posting about it in the run-up via social media posts. Explain what you want your customer to do by clearly outlining the call to action.

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