Enhance your guests’ online experience – chat with Zoe (or Velma!)

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Enhance your guests’ online experience – chat with Zoe (or Velma!)

Right now, hotels are short in human resources and customers have more doubts than ever before. Pre-Covid19, there was a huge amount of research and consideration that came into play before a guest took out their credit card and made a booking.

That consideration phase has lengthened and become even more complex in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. We want to help our hotels better manage their online conversations which is why Quicktext is offering a free chatbot to our hotel partners.

Quicktexts’ conversational freemium booking bot Zoe seamlessly integrates into the booking journey, enhancing the guest user experience and facilitating a quicker path to purchase.

What is Quicktext ‘Freemium’?

Quicktext Freemium is a free, powerful chatbot that hoteliers can incorporate into their website to automatically send instant, accurate answers to the top 20 topics that customers ask hotels, thus easing some of the workload from their reception or customer service teams. 

The key topics covered by Quicktext Freemium are: 

  • Essential questions such as check-in and check-out hours, whether pets are welcome, how to contact the hotel or general questions about the rooms.
  • Questions related to Coronavirus: opening dates and hygiene measures for sustainable development measures.
  • Information about breakfast, opening hours and prices.
  • How to get to the hotel (by public or private transport) and whether the hotel has a car park and, if so, how much does it cost.

AI Chatbot      AI Chatbot 2

Benjamin Devisme, founder of Quicktext, says: “Artificial intelligence is a huge opportunity for our sector, especially during these trying times. Hotels large and small should be able to take advantage of this technology to accelerate their recovery.” 

Seamless Integration

Thanks to its integration with the Allora Booking journey, Quicktext Freemium chatbot is able to show availability, prices and process bookings in real-time. In addition, it also has the following advantages:

  • It consults the requested occupancy, distinguishing between adults and children (a key factor in holiday hotels).
  • It presents all available results and includes photos of the rooms, which encourages upselling.
  • It redirects users to the booking engine with the following fields automatically filled in: dates, occupancy, room type and chosen rate.
  • It is available for the desktop and mobile versions of your website.

If your hotel is interested in availing of this free service simply fill in this form on the Quicktext website. 

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