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The world of hotel bookings is very competitive, with many hotels struggling to gain competitive advantage over the very expensive intermediaries / OTAs.

Four years ago Avvio created allora.ai, the worlds first ever AI powered hotel booking engine with the purpose of ensuring your hotel’s direct website becomes the biggest channel for attracting bookings by bringing personalisation into your hotel website.

Recommender Engine

allora.ai unlocks the power of data science and predictive personalisation, ensuring a curated brand experience at every stage of the guest journey.

Our mission is the help you be more successful and more profitable by driving maximum bookings via your own direct website. We believe that through technology every hotel can have its direct website as its biggest single channel for attracting bookings.

allora.ai’s additional features:


allora.ai reacts to the likelihood of website abandonment and will provide custom messages to keep the guest on your website.

Blended Room Rates

Rate blending is a technique mainly championed by Online Travel Agents (OTA’s). allora.ai allows you to do the same, whereby you derive a single lowest price across multiple rates to allow the guest to avail discount on their total length of stay that

a) would not be available if booking across single rate or

b) requires two or more bookings

Cancellation Policies

Real time management of your cancellation policies.

Closed User Groups

Closed User Groups allow potential guests to input their email address at the point of search, with the intention of unlocking discounts on available rates or allowing them access to other hidden rates that you have provided, just for them.

What is a Closed User Group?

Avvio allows you to display Closed User Group rates on the booking engine. This allows potential guests to input their email address at the point of search with the intention of unlocking discounted or incentivized rates or allowing them access to Member-only rates.

How can that be useful to me?

Clauses in OTA contracts may in many cases prevent hoteliers from offering rates that are below those available on third-party OTA sites. One way to avoid rate parity rules is to offer discounted rates to closed user groups. By encouraging users to provide their email address, they can be considered a part of a closed user group and the hotelier is free to offer additional incentives or price discounts that would not otherwise be available to the general public.

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Corporate Rates

Manage corporate deals by loading their negotiated rates with controlled access, available for them to book 24/7 via your website.

Custom Messages

Allows you to create and apply custom confirmation messages to rates that will appear on the Confirmation Page and the Confirmation Email. There are a number of benefits to doing this:
  • Generate specific message for rates and upsells – you put into the last part of their booking journey which is their confirmation page
  • Increase order value/generate more revenue – you can link it back to your spa page – why not book dinner, don’t forget to book dinner
  • Create savings by supporting your internal teams eg: Restaurant/Spa/Golf
  • Communicate a specific message to a customer that is only relevant to the rate booked

Dynamic Room Substitution

Allows you in real-time, to accept a longer-term booking in the same room category if a shorter stay booking is blocking the inventory, increasing revenue by an average of 17%.

Dynamic Packaging

This gives you an up-selling and cross-selling ability by tailoring inclusions during the booking process or, at any time pre-check-in.

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out

You can now apply Early Check In and/or Late Check Out to all rooms at your property.

Event Rates

Event rates allow you to create special short-lived rates to accommodate events such as conferences, weddings or other negotiated business. These rates are typically accessible to a limited audience and through a promo code or deep-link.

Flash Sales & Promo Codes

Giving you the ability to apply a sale or exclusion on a per Room basis, this will help you drive revenue across certain room types during foreseen periods of reduced demand or allow you to omit high demand room types from general sales.

Length of stay

You can apply length of stay discounts with the functionality to restrict LOS discounts on specific dates.

Live Rate Panels

Allows live pricing to be viewed on the main website according to the room type the guest is looking at.

Strikethrough Pricing

Reinforces the saving available by comparing the prices between different rates.


Ability to buy vouchers for gifts or for future stays.

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