Feel Good Friday: Coronavirus Kindness Round-up #4

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Feel Good Friday: Coronavirus Kindness Round-up #4

Over the last few weeks, we have gathered good news across the UK and Ireland, with an abundance of stories about people, communities and workplaces pulling together.

This week we are inspired by those who are inventing ways to help tackle COVID-19 and would like to make use of our platform and call to attention the wonderful deeds going on throughout the world!

Innovation and Adaptation 

We have selected a few articles to demonstrate those who have created ways to help, from training dogs to detect the coronavirus to implementing changes to help support local businesses.

  • Medical detection dogs are to be trained in detecting those who have the coronavirus.
  • Nonprofit COVID Tech Connect aims to collect 20,000 devices to give to patients who are isolated in a hospital so they can contact their loved ones.
  • Coffee company – Roasted Brown –  implement a new strategy to support their loyal customers to give them a better chance of receiving well-needed revenue.

Good News from Local Heroes and Communities across the world

UK – Starting with an update on Captain Tom Moore who was mentioned in last week’s Feel Good Friday article. He has now managed to raise a whopping £28 million for the NHS. 

Switzerland – Every night since the 24th of March their iconic Matterhorn Mountain has displayed the flags of each of the countries most affected by COVID-19 in a show of solidarity.

Canada – a group of secondary school students in Canada created a hotline with positive pre-recorded messages aimed at those who are affected by isolation.

US – a workforce of 40 individuals volunteer to live in their factory for almost a month in order to make necessary materials used to manufacture medical supplies. 

Germany –  Facing closure a German restaurant has developed an unusual way to ‘keep the drinks flowing’.

Ireland – An Irish pub owner in County Louth Ireland checks in with one of his most valued customers showing him that his friends have not forgotten about him

India – a Farmer in Erode donates 8 tonnes of food to more than 800 struggling families. 

Belgium – Michelin Star Chef at one of Belgium’s most famous restaurants, Comme Chez Soi’s, has served hundreds of homeless people since Belgium’s lockdown on the 18th March. 

Africa – Safari Operator leads a volunteer initiative to feed 24,000 families who are struggling due to the damaged economy.

Here are a few of our favourite tweets this week

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