Feel Good Friday: Coronavirus Kindness Round-up #6

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Feel Good Friday: Coronavirus Kindness Round-up #6

Little did we know when we were bringing in 2020, that we would see the world at a standstill, with the effects of our biggest opponent: COVID-19.

This mysterious virus has made a change to each and every one of our lives and we still do not know what is to be expected and when we can finally return to our “normal” daily routines. Throughout the last 6 weeks however what we have come to realise, is that despite being faced with incredibly difficult times, people have adjusted, pulled together, offered support and courageously persevered. 

Everyday we are being updated with figures showing a rise in cases and deaths within our home countries which leads to many of us feeling disheartened. With a worldwide effort to flatten the curve we have saved countless lives and the worldometer has recorded over 1 million people who have fought and won against the coronavirus.

Encouraging news within the hospitality & travel sector:

  • Renewed hope for Irish tourism as a surge in bookings after the announcement of a phased exit strategy was introduced showing the desire and appetite to travel has not declined.
  • Heathrow Airport are trialling passenger temperature checks to safeguard entries into the country.
  • Huddersfield’s Cedar Court Hotel transforms into the first UK ‘Nightingale care home’.
  • A Virtual pub – Hospitality professionals have come together to create Ireland’s first-ever online pub.

Adapting to Changing Times

  • It has been over 100 years since the first drive-in theatre opened in New Mexico and they are now making a come back around the world due to the ability to implement social distancing measures.
  • As the Muslim community around the world adapts to social distancing during Ramadan a youth group decides to bring cheer to the residents of East Jerusalem by driving around the neighborhoods on a lit wagon topped by a Ramadan Fanoos.

Ireland Remembers

  • The people of Ireland have stepped forward to help the Choctaw people who are a Native American tribe who had once raised funds for starving Irish families during the famine.

Here are a few of our favourite tweets this week

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