Feel Good Friday: Coronavirus Kindness Round-up

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Feel Good Friday: Coronavirus Kindness Round-up

The COVID-19 coronavirus has irrevocably changed the hospitality industry. While circumstances are challenging, we’ve also seen tremendous support and goodwill gestures from across the wider industry. To shed light on what often feels like an incredibly dark time, we will share 5 positive news stories each Friday that we’ve seen from people supporting others. We want to highlight the kindness, compassion and willingness from all our friends across the industry, who have stepped up to support others in these unprecedented times.

1. Hotels & Serviced Apartments offer accommodation to front-line hospital workers

Many healthcare professionals are working on the front line, risking their lives each day to help save others. Many NHS/HSE workers may need to self-isolate or have vulnerable loved ones at home. We are delighted to see that a number of hotels and serviced apartments have offered free or discounted rooms to NHS/HSE staff who are fighting against Covid-19.

Here are some examples of the Hotels/Serviced Apartments who are joining in to support workers:

2. Airlines offer planes for rescue, medical supplies and transport flights

As non-essential travel has more or less come to a halt across the globe, many airlines have had to make the difficult decision to ground their fleet entirely. However, some airlines have offered their planes, airports and pilots, to aid in the fight against Covid-19.

Airlines and airports offering to transport medical supplies:

3. Companies shift their production lines to create essential Covid-19 equipment

With retailers forced to close as restrictions came into play, many production lines have been forced to halt their factory work. However, instead of closing their doors, some companies have switched gears and instead offered their services to produce vital equipment and hand sanitizers for front-line services!

Here are just some of the dozens of businesses producing essential supplies:

4. Restaurants offer free food to health care staff fighting Covid-19

There’s no doubt that the hospitality industry has been hit hard by the wave of Coronavirus across Europe, but their kind spirits remain high despite being forced to close their doors to customers for the foreseeable future. Dozens of chefs, restaurants and cafes are offering free food for healthcare workers to thank them for all their hard work!

Kitchens ensuring health workers are fed – free of charge:

5. Phenomenal response to call-out for health care workers and volunteers

Over half a million people across the UK have signed up to volunteer in the fight against Covid-19. Speaking at his daily news conference on Wednesday, PM Boris Johnson said all 504,303 could now play an “absolutely crucial” role. In Ireland, over 60,000 people have registered to ‘Be on Call for Ireland’. The Health Service Executive has been “overwhelmed” by people wanting to help in the fight against Covid-19.

Thousands sign-up to play their part in the fight against Covid-19:

Here are some tweets we loved this week and hashtags we recommend following on this feel-good Friday!


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