Feel Good Friday: World Environment Day

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Feel Good Friday: World Environment Day

Today might be ‘Feel Good Friday’ but it’s also World Environment Day! Despite the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on the economy and the lives of millions, there has been one positive outcome from the global lockdown.

Lack of air and motor travel, as well as a halt to mass industrial efforts, has enabled a substantial decrease in air and water pollution. This downtime has provided a temporary ‘relief’ for our planet but in order for any of these changes to take effect, we need to continue adapting our behaviours after Covid-19 lockdown ends. 

So for this week’s Feel Good Friday, we’re focusing on all the positive environmental changes that have occurred as a result of lockdown and on companies pioneering to make positive changes.

Positive Environmental Changes

Other ‘feel good’ stories

Here are a few of our favourite tweets this week


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