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Going to ITB in March?

Next month I will take the stage as part of the line-up at a free workshop at ITB Berlin in Germany.

I will be speaking alongside Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease at Triptease, for the workshop: ‘Making the most of your booking engine: personalisation, pricing and seamless guest experience’, which takes place at 2pm on 8 March.

The world has changed and the days when the same customer experience can be given to everyone are gone. E-commerce giants like Amazon have set the benchmark and there is an expectation from customers that booking a hotel should be just the same. So, make sure you do your research and choose a booking engine that offers personalised, relevant experiences to each and every guest.

The likes of Netflix, Uber and Spotify have set the bar so high that most of us consider that level of personalisation to be normal. If I have already made a booking and I come back to the site and you look like you’ve never seen me before, it’s a lousy customer experience. We can’t continue providing the same messages through a ‘one-size-fits-all’ hotel website or booking engine.

During the workshop, we will be discussing emerging technologies such as AI and Blockchain as topics, but there will be discussion around specific areas of distribution like Airbnb pulling hotels onto their platform, and Google’s continual moves into all things travel.

To guarantee your seat at the workshop, visit Eventbrite to book.Avvio roundtable

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