How Avvio helped Harvey’s Point grow revenue by 136%

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How Avvio helped Harvey’s Point grow revenue by 136%


  • Launch a new Harvey’s Point website
  • Develop a digital strategy


Although Harvey’s Point has been in business for many years, they needed to develop a digital strategy in order to grow their brand awareness both domestically and internationally. The hotel had briefly used paid advertising over a seven month period between December 2015 to July 2016 but did not generate the desired results.


Harvey’s Point partnered up with Avvio in October 2019 for booking engine, website design and digital marketing. 

Following the launch of their new site, the next step was to open their paid advertising channels in order to attract new audiences:

  • Google Ads Search campaigns were activated to target their primary markets. 
  • Google Display and Video campaigns were set up to grow brand awareness. 
  • Display campaigns were expanded to include wedding advertising as this was an area the business wished to grow.
  • Metasearch was also enabled on Google Hotel Ad to help increase room revenue as well as tackle OTA’s head on.

“Our results and KPIs from booking engine to digital reinforce the effectiveness of our partnership and Avvio’s exceptional technology.” 

Stephen Williams –  Group Sales & Marketing Director
Windward Management


Overall revenue increased by 136% over the first 6 months year on year.

  • The paid campaigns accounted for 27% of all traffic to the website and 37% of the revenue.
  • Google Search Ads showed a return on investment of 102:1.
  • Metasearch return on investment was 18:1.
  • Google Display and Video campaigns generated 4.6 million impressions which drove brand awareness.

“The results speak for themselves, increased high intent traffic to the website, exceptionally strong ROAS on PPC and Meta search campaigns, excellent KPIs from website to booking engine 

Sheila Russell –  Group Sales & Marketing Manager
Harvey’s Point Hotel


It’s clear that a cohesive paid marketing strategy is essential to garner successful results. Firstly, by focusing on low-intent traffic through display and video campaigns Harvey’s Point were able to reach their target market and improve their brand awareness. This attracted more high-intent visitors, increasing traffic and revenue through both organic and paid channels. Lastly, enabling metasearch allowed the hotel to reduce their dependence on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), by competing with them directly and driving more direct bookings.

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