Hoteliers must adopt AI

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Hoteliers must adopt AI

Hoteliers must adopt artificial intelligence (AI) now to stay ahead of the game, that’s the message that I’m getting out to hoteliers and other accommodation providers this week.

Avvio has invested heavily in AI technology, and major groups including Hilton Hotels and Resorts and Edwardian Hotels have already adopted an AI-based technology strategy, so why shouldn’t independent or boutiques act differently?

Hoteliers must look to the market and make use of existing AI platforms to streamline business processes and to consider chatbots which can offer short-term, high-efficiency solutions on top of existing human expertise, and hotels must seriously consider implementing emerging technology if you haven’t already done so. Avvio has spent a lot of time researching the need of AI from the hoteliers’ perspective. We believe that AI is a necessary adoption which you should start now, or at least build into your tech strategy.

We and many of our partners, clients and industry colleagues, realise that functionality found in hotels such as Alexa for voice search and Allora for creating unique direct booking experiences, will help to revolutionise the current technology stack for hoteliers.

AI technology offers accommodation providers a range of commercial benefits such as unique online experiences, smart rooms and personalised booking journeys. In addition, real-time text and voice translation offers the capability to enhance guest service which, in turn, can be located anywhere in the world. Bookings and guest requests can be handled seamlessly and authentically without worry over accents or language barriers.

AI can also be used to analyse guests’ moods based on both spoken and written language. This can alert a staff member when a guest is frustrated, upset, excited or pleased.

However, I encourage hotels to continue to hire and train staff too to provide a personal context.

Hilton Worldwide’s AI concierge, Connie, was one of the first AI-powered concierge bots. The robot is two feet tall and interacts with guests who arrive at the check-in desk, advising on local attractions and sites.

We’ve recently integrated a chatbot technology skill into Allora to facilitate guest conversations and bookings and this is being used by long-term Avvio client Fota Collection.

Radisson Blu-owned Edwardian Hotels has also adopted AI. Guests can request the assistance of the AI chatbot ‘Edward’ by text message. Edward can deliver information on nearby bars and restaurants, plus deal with complaints.

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